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Off-Road Caravan Suspension

The Important Facts Behind Off-Road Caravan Suspension

Have you ever wondered how the suspension works on an offroad caravan? If so, please continue reading below as we take a look at this in more detail.The suspension on an offroad caravan has a pretty simple job to do and that's to absorb any undulations on the road.The suspension system prevents the movements of the wheel from being transmitted to the entire caravan when the wheel goes over a bump.The suspension system will minimise the bouncing and buckling effects of the caravan under such circumstances. Please continue to read on as we take a look at some important facts behind off-road caravan suspension.
  • The better the suspension, the smoother and safer the tow
  • ...
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Off-Road Caravans Popular Western Australia

Why Off-Road Caravans Are So Popular In Western Australia

It is very common to see people in Western Australia selling caravans. Have you ever wondered why these vehicles are so popular? Do you fully appreciate the benefits associated with this type of purchase? If not, here is a little insight that may clear things up for you.

Saving Time

If you are a huge fan of camping, you know that setting up can be a real pain. From pitching a tent to trying to start a fire in order to make food, it can be rather tedious.An off-road caravan is a great idea since you will be prepared shortly after arriving at your destination. Depending on where in Western Australia you are travelling, the trip can be rather exhausting.Being able to set up camp with ease can help you relieve some stress an...
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Top 5 Must-Do Stops On WA’s Indian Ocean Drive

Are you planning a road trip along the coast of the Indian Ocean? If you are, the following 5 places are places you must stop and visit along the way. Keep reading for more.Western Australia is a stunning place to visit and most people have quite a few ideas for where they want to go. Whether that's snorkelling or on a wine tour, there are certainly plenty of options.These days, if you want to head north of Perth there are even more options. Here are a few must-see stops on an Indian Ocean Drive.

1 - Lake Thetis

One of your first stops should be Lake Thetis, just off Hansen Bay Road. There, you'll see some marvellous thrombolites and stromatolites. These are some of the oldest living fossils to be found anywhere on the planet.

2 - Jurien Bay

As you c...
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10 Best Campsites Western Australia

10 Best Campsites To Visit In Western Australia

The WA region is on most peoples bucket list. But why do campers love Western Australia so much? Let's take a look at the 10 best campsites so we can uncover some of the magic that draws people to WA.Australia is the perfect destination for your summer holiday, with its vast outback and its promise of gorgeous lifetime memories.Western Australia, in particular, is endowed with numerous attractive landforms, beautiful beaches, camping sites, and fun activities.As such, Western Australia is home to many campsites, from which you can enjoy various sites and activities. Whether you want to rough it out camping or enjoy the luxury of a caravan, there is something for everyone.A trip to just about any camping site in WA will be f...
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Structure Off-Road Caravan

Structure And Parts Of An Off-Road Caravan

Planning a road trip to a site located in uncharted territory? A proper off-road caravan is built to endure the adversities of the outback. Let's take a look in more detail at what makes off-road caravans such a suitable travel companion.Off-road caravans have the ability to cruise tough terrains and give the traveller peace of mind to travel and camp freely for extended periods.Most of the off-road caravan parts are engineered to withstand tough conditions. Before buying or leasing an off-road caravan, it is essential to check the state of its main parts to guarantee a long life.Wondering what the essential parts of an off-road caravan are? Below is a highlight of the crucial parts of an off-road caravan:
  • Chassis ...
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