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Why Off-road Caravans So Unique

Why Are Off-Road Caravans So Unique?

Camping is a popular activity in Australia, and if you want to really enjoy the experience, it is advisable to go with a caravan.You will come across a wide variety of caravans on sale and for rent and if you’ve never hired one before, you can easily make a wrong choice.Off-road caravans are a popular choice however, most people don't understand what makes them so unique. Therefore, in this article, we will look at the structure of an off-road caravan and explain why they are so unique.

What is An Off-Road Caravan?

An authentic off-road caravan is built for the hard terrain and rough conditions. They can endure taking a beating for a long time. They are made with sturdy material designat...
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5 Road Trips Through Western Australia

5 Spectacular Road Trips Through Western Australia

Are you planning to tour Western Australia with your family? Ever wondered what WA's got to offer? The answer is plenty! Keep on reading to learn about some of the best places to visit in WA.Western Australia is a destination so varied and unspoiled that one could spend several months seeing what WA's got to offer.Hitting the open roads with your caravan in WA takes on a new meaning with all the spectacular things this destination has to offer.If you are looking to focus on a particular area for your caravan trip, this article provides information on 5 spectacular road trips through Western Australia.
  • The Southwest
  • Coral Coast
  • Wildflower Way
  • Warlu Way
  • E...
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What Is A Hybrid Off-Road Caravan

What Is A Hybrid Off-Road Caravan?

Are you a veteran of the RV scene or planning to get your first caravan? Do you know about the benefits of hybrid offroad caravans? Please continue reading to learn more.Whether you are a veteran or someone new to the RV scene, chances are, you may have heard of the hybrid offroad caravan. A hybrid caravan is a cross between a luxury caravan and a camper trailer.It comes with the comforts of a luxury caravan as well as the accessibility and ease of towing of a camper trailer.It combines the best aspects of both caravans and camper trailers to create a practical, impressive, and versatile product suited for the great Australian outdoors.To help understand hybrid caravans in more detail, let's take a look at th...
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Best Campgrounds Near Perth

The Best Campgrounds Near Perth For Australia Day Long Weekend

Do you plan to go camping with your family over the Australia Day long weekend? Are you looking for the best campgrounds near Perth? If so, you need to keep reading below.There is nothing like throwing the camping gear in your car and getting away from the city for a couple of days over the Australia Day long weekend. There are so many amazing places to camp near Perth it can be hard to choose.However, you don't need to travel for hours on end to get to most of these campgrounds near Perth. This article highlights some of the best campgrounds near Perth for you to check out over the Australia Day long weekend.
  • Walyunga
  • Waroona Dam
  • Lane Poole Reserve
  • Wellington Dam


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6 Things Visiting Western Australia

6 Things You MUST Do When Visiting Western Australia

Are you heading to Western Australia and you want to make sure you have the best possible time? Do you need a list of things to do that will excite you? If so, please read on.Taking the time to explore another region can be fun and exciting, especially if you make it a point to take advantage of all the places you are visiting has to offer.If you are planning to head to WA, then here are 6 things you HAVE to experience while you are there.

1. Swimming With Whale Sharks

While people all over the world get excited at the prospect of swimming with dolphins, why not make things even more fun and spend some time Read More