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safe camping

Tips For Staying Safe In Western Australia While Camping

Camping is a very enjoyable activity. Whether you are doing it alone, with a group of friends or with your family, you need to remain safe when camping in Western Australia. Here are some useful tips for staying safe while camping in WA. 

1. Beware Of Any Risks Near Your Shelter Site 

Once you have arrived at the campground, you need to choose the right place to set your shelter. Whether you are going to set up a tent or shelter in your RV, make sure you know about any risks in that area. For instance, don’t camp directly under large gum trees. There are some trees that can drop lar...
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camping spots wa

10 Of The Beautiful Camping Spots In Western Australia

One of the best ways to experience all the natural wonders in and around Western Australia is camping. If you are interested in taking in the impressive scenery on offer, read on to find out some of the top camping spots in WA. 

Karijini National Park 

This park is home to some of the best camping grounds in Western Australia. In addition to its wide selection of scenic walking trails, Karijini is also known for its numerous amenities including toilets, picnic tables and barbecues. 

Cape Arid National Park

For those looking for a quiet camping spot located right next t...
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whale watching seasons

Whale Watching Seasons In Western Australia

Witnessing the grace and enormity of a whale close-up is an exquisite experience. You can encounter these magnificent creatures interacting with each other and their young in considerable numbers from the coastline of Western Australia. Whale watching can be experienced any time of the year either from the shore or by joining a whale-watching cruise for memorable close encounters. The longest season follows the annual migration of Humpback, rare Blue, and Southern Right whales between May and December from the South West Southern Ocean to the breeding grounds on the warmer north Kimberley coast. ...
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long term camping

Best Types Of Caravans For Long Term Camping

With summer not far away now, travellers know it’s time to start getting their travelling gear ready. Campers who take their time to explore the diversities of our great country find it necessary to own an off-road caravan, especially if they are travelling with their family or friends. Owning an off-road caravan is a great option since it cuts on caravan hiring costs and heightens the exploration experience. With so many types of off-road caravans in the market, choosing one that can last or withstand the adversities of the outback may be challenging. It is therefore important to know the differ...
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strong off road caravans

How Strong Are Off-Road Caravans?

Off-road caravans grant you the opportunity to go anywhere you would like to go at your own convenience. You can visit the remotest of areas and still feel like you are at home. Off-road caravans enable you to carry much more on your road trips and vacations than you normally would normally.You can easily travel this great country of ours and live off-the-grid for months on end without any challenges. It's widely believed that off-road caravans are made for avid travellers who are not afraid to venture into unexplored territory and stay there for extended periods of time. Read More