Ready to swap those couch cuddles for campfire canoodles? Dive into Australia’s heart with the Vancraft 17ft Couples Van! Now, we’ve been around the block a few times, and trust us when we say: there’s nothing like stretching out on a queen-sized bed after a day on the Aussie roads. That modern ensuite? Your backstage pass to freshen up. Hungry? Whip up a storm in the decked-out kitchen, or get fancy with the Raptor slideout and take the dining outdoors. Sunrise breakfast or sunset dinner, you’re in for a treat. Adventures are best served with a side of comfort. We’ve packed it all into this little romantic road warrior.


Set out on a journey like no other with Vancraft’s 17ft Couples Van, tailor-made for duos yearning for adventure. Experience the magic of the outdoors under the glow of our dual-colour annexe lights, complemented perfectly by a luminous LED grab handle that’s not just functional but also an aesthetic statement. Sustainability meets exploration with two efficient 200w solar panels, ensuring your voyage remains seamless, free from any power interruptions. But the real treat? Our Raptor slide-out kitchen, a connoisseur’s delight, allowing you to whip up gourmet meals amidst nature. With Vancraft, it’s not just about travelling—it’s about adding elegance and flair to every mile you conquer together. Every detour and destination becomes an exquisite memory waiting to be made.


Venture forth in the 17ft Couples Van and experience the epitome of luxury travel. Each journey promises moments of indulgence, seamlessly blending the thrill of the open road with home-like comforts. With features like a full oven and compressor fridge, whipping up gourmet meals becomes a delightful ritual. The queen-sized bed, swathed in plush linens, ensures restful nights under the stars. But what truly sets it apart is the sleek ensuite, offering an oasis of relaxation, much like an exclusive spa retreat. Every corner has been thoughtfully designed to elevate your travels. This isn’t merely about hitting the road; it’s about relishing a lavish lifestyle wherever you go. Dive into this opulent mobile haven and redefine the meaning of grand escapades!


17FT Couples

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