Retreat Daydream

Sturdy and flexible, offroaders will let you tread the highways as well as unpaved roads without breaking down midways.


When people think of ‘off-roading’ they tend to be easy on the exterior, which makes the Daydream different from what we’ve been used to. It features a toolbox on A-frame, TV entertainment hatch, shower lockers and a grey water tank. With checker plate wheel spats designed to match the side finish plus modern double glazed windows, your off-road caravan will not just stand out performance-wise, but also style-wise.


The goal of Retreat Caravans is to make you feel at home so you can sleep well at night no matter where you are. The Daydream is your home away from home with internal features that really stand out. This offroad caravan has upholstered seat bases, air conditioner, self-closing extension drawers, rolled post form benchtops, a fully-fibreglassed shower and a gas heater.