Embark on your family’s next great adventure without skimping on the chic or the snug. The 21ft Family Van is a harmonious blend of familial joy, plush comfort, and stylish flair. Because your family deserves an ironclad, weather-resistant caravan that prioritises their well-being above all, this van was crafted using sleek and durable materials along with internal features that bring comfort and joy. And the minimalist monochrome aesthetics? They’re the cherry on top, ensuring your mobile abode is always a vision of elegance and order. Trust us, with the 21ft Family Van, every journey feels like home.


Introducing the 21ft Family Van, a seamless blend of elegance and comfort for the modern traveller. Boasting a sleek aluminium composite frame complemented by the reliable D035 recessed hitch, this van is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Our attention to detail shines through with the addition of the capping mould, providing both form and function.

But, it’s not just about looks; built to withstand unpredictable weather, this van ensures your family’s journeys remain uninterrupted. We believe in creating experiences, and every design choice here is driven by a singular goal: to make your family adventures not only safe but also utterly stylish. Dive in, explore, and let every mile be a memorable one.


Step inside and experience a fusion of luxury and functionality. As you slide open the door, you’re immediately greeted by the allure of a plush queen-sized bed. But that’s not all; peek a little further and discover the twin bunk beds, an ideal setting for your children’s late-night chatter and secret midday hideouts. Your culinary desires are catered to with a spacious oven, and a compressor fridge keeps your delicacies fresh. Relish in memorable family moments in the dedicated dining space, a heartwarming corner for shared tales and meals.

Our design’s chic monochrome accent elevates the caravan’s aesthetics, offering an unbeatable combination of style and homey comfort. In the 21ft Family Van, every journey is enriched with familiar comforts, ensuring you carry the essence of home on every adventure.



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