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Top 5 Free Camping Spots WA

Top 5 Free Camping Spots In WA

After being cooped up at home for over two months because of COVID-19 restrictions, the government is finally starting to give us room to move. We are free to start roaming again!Of course, this is to be done with much caution and precautions. What better way to celebrate and appreciate our new-found freedom than to enjoy a day or two camping amongst nature.As of May 18, 2020, Western Australians are free to travel and move around within our state. No outsiders are allowed to enter. Outdoor gatherings like camping are allowed.A maximum of 20 people is allowed to gather outdoors as long as social distancing is observed and personal protective equipment is used. From mid-June, more restrictions have been lifted.This is good news for outdoor enthusiasts and for every Western Australi...
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Best RV For Long Term Camping

Which Type Of RV Is The Best For Long Term Camping?

There are so many RV choices for camping and long trips. It can be an overwhelming decision when trying to choose the right one for you and your family.There’s just too many options and too many non-essential additions that it can lead to you spending too much. For long-term camping and indefinite time outdoors, the best RV is a caravan. Caravans are suited for long-term stays at your favourite (or any) outdoor camping ground. Caravans have all the necessities and essentials of home, ample storage and is convenient to couple up with a ute.Long-term camping requires basic utilities that most campi...
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7 Best Campsites Near Perth

7 Of The Best Campsites Outside Of Perth

Camping is the perfect activity to unwind from everyday reality and escape to nature, whether it be to the calming serenity of riverside campsites or to the charming coastal campsites. If you want to go camping but don’t know where to go, then worry not, because we got you covered! Here are 7 fantastic campsites outside of Perth. 

1). Lane Poole Reserve (Dwellingup, WA)

Lane Pool Reserve is located an hour and a half south of Perth and has around 10 campsites situated in the area. Some popular campgrounds include the Nanga Brook campground which has just been recently developed to accommodate caravans, camper trailers, campervans, ...
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Offroad Caravans 5 Fundamental Features

Offroad Caravans: The Five Fundamental Features

Offroad caravans are designed to traverse through all kinds of challenging off-road terrain. As such, their different features are designed to withstand these different conditions to maximum capacity.In this article, we’ll be talking about the five fundamental features of an offroad caravan, along with their functions and their importance.

1). The Caravan Frame

The caravan frame is what gives your caravan its shape and durability in responding to changing driving conditions such as climate patterns. Caravan frames are made of different types of material. Some caravan frames are made of tinder or wood as their flexibility and...
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Where To Camp Beach Western Australia

Where To Camp By The Beach In Western Australia?

Do you want to escape to the irresistible glistening waters of the Indian Ocean and fine sandy stretches of the beach along the West coast? Are you unsure about which beach to visit because there are just so many? Well, look no further because we have the best suggestions for you! Here are six of the best beaches to go camping in Western Australia. 

1). Sandy Cape

Sandy Cape is a popular beach campground that is located around 10-kilometres from Jurien Bay and is a 2.5-hour drive north of Perth. This beach campsite is the perfect destination because of its many campsites that include facilitie...
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