6 Fun Things To Do During Christmas Holidays In Western Australia

6 Fun Things To Do During Christmas Holidays In Western Australia

Have you decided to spend the holidays in Western Australia this year? Well, you’re in luck, because there are so many exciting activities to do and breathtaking places to visit!

Western Australia is home to some of the most fabulous travel destinations you will ever come across, from coastal metropolises to gorgeous forests. You’re definitely in for a treat!

With winter, and hopefully the worst of COVID-19 behind us, its time to start planning your Christmas holidays. If you want to learn more about some fun things to do during the Christmas holidays in Western Australia, then keep on reading!

1). Drive To Jurien Bay

Of course, we can’t talk about Western Australia without talking about the stunning coastal town of Jurien Bay! Take a drive up to the warm climate of Jurien Bay for a sunset-filled, action-packed, family-friendly experience of a lifetime. 

At Jurien Bay, you can never run out of things to do, like go swimming, snorkelling, fishing, sunbathing, surfing, and much more! You can also escape to the quiet town for a chance to experience entertaining Jurien Bay tours and events.

More fun things to do at Jurien bay is to visit the Jurien Bay Lions Market, which hosts its iconic Christmas market at Fauntleroy Park every December. You can also find accommodation at Jurien Bay Tourist Park, one of the best accommodations in the area that will offer you a home away from home. 

2). Travel To Margaret River

Margaret River is a very popular tourist destination in Western Australia, and the reasons are undeniable!  At Margaret River, you can find incredible wineries, humble boutiques, glistening rivers, amazing restaurants, and a variety of walking trails. 

You can visit the Farmers Market on Saturday morning, watch the sunset at Surfer’s Point in Prevelly, experience a culinary adventure at the local wineries and restaurants, and take a trip through nature at the National and State forest. Truly, Margaret River has it all for you!

6 Fun Things Christmas Holidays Western Australia

3). Go On The Mandurah Cruises Christmas Light Cruise

Want to experience the festivity of Christmas at its finest? Then the Christmas Lights Cruise is just for you! Sing along to Christmas carols as you wind through Mandurah’s canals, illuminated by stunning Christmas lights that gently reflect on the water. 

The Christmas Lights Cruise is so popular that thousands of people travel to Mandurah just for this opportunity! Make sure to book your ticket early so you can get a spot!

4). Stop By Kalbarri National Park

Kalbarri National Park is a must-visit for all tourists. It is home to some of the most spectacular natural wonders in Australia, such as the Murchison River, the Red Bluff Beach, and numerous bushwalking trails.

You can also visit other Kalbarri landmarks such as Mushroom Rock, Nature’s Window, Natural Bridge, Rainbow Valley Eagle Gorge, and Hawk’s Head. 

For a more relaxed experience, you can swim at the park, take photos, visit lookouts, and even go for a nice picnic. 

5). Relax At Esperance Bay

The coastline town of Esperance is well recognised for its fine quartz sands, turquoise waters, colour-filled wildflowers, and its close proximity to the famous Lucky Bay, where many kangaroos enjoy sunbathing on the sand.

At Esperance Bay, you can explore the local town filled with cafes, galleries, and even a museum, visit the sunbathing kangaroos at Lucky Bay, take a trip to the nearby Blue Haven Beach and Twilight Cove,  go surfing at West Beach, Fourth Beach, or Observatory Beach, and finally go fishing at Bandy Creek Harbour. 

You can also find many campsites in and around Esperance Bay, with amenities such as solar hot showers, camp kitchens, gas barbecues, and more!

6 Fun Things Christmas Holidays Western Australia

6).Take A Trip To Walpole Nornalup National Park

Walpole Nornalup National Park, which is located around 400 kilometres south of Perth, is covered in towering trees and home to never before seen natural wonders.

At the national park, you can walk in the treetops 40 meters above the ground at the Tree Top Walk of the Valley of the Giants, gaze over the vast landscape at several lookouts like the Hilltop Lookout (through the Hill Top Scenic Drive), and venture to the tranquil Circular Pool. 

Final Thoughts

We all know that the Christmas holidays are the best time of the year; however, your Christmas holidays in Western Australia will be even better! Make sure you get to visit these 6 amazing places to make your Christmas experience the best yet.

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