19'6FT Centre Door

Say hello to the ultimate adventure with a sprinkle of luxury with the 19.6ft Centre Door Couples Van from Vancraft! Built for duos dreaming big, this full-sized caravan boasts a plush queen bed, sleek leather finishes, and a roomy design. Every inch radiates elegance. And let’s not forget the full ensuite – because style and adventure deserve a touch of pampering. Equipped with modern amenities, ambient lighting, and a kitchen ready to whip up gourmet meals, it’s truly a home on wheels. Ready to journey in style? This caravan’s got your name on it!


Planning a caravan escape with your special someone? Let’s leave those pesky van troubles in the rearview! Dive into a journey with Vancraft where reliability meets adventure. Rest assured in the knowledge that our craftsmanship prioritizes your safety and comfort. With our trusty D035 recessed hitch, the mighty TuffRide suspension, and robust 16” mud terrain tyres paired with 12-inch brakes, your adventure is smooth sailing.

Experience the serenity of uninterrupted sights and starlit nights, knowing that our tech has your back. Plus, with our attention to detail, we ensure those little things that matter are taken care of. No hitches, just seamless memories on the road!


Ready to roam the Aussie terrains with a touch of flair and trust? Step into Vancraft’s 19.6 Centre Door Couples Van! Dive into a night of dreamy slumber on our luxurious Pillow Top mattress, flanked by sleek bedsides. Got gourmet cravings? Our kitchen’s decked out with the crème de la crème of appliances.

And let’s talk power! With a top-notch Victron electrical system on board, you’re in for a treat of efficiency. Experience unmatched reliability as these systems are the wizards of energy management, ensuring you never miss a beat, even in the most secluded spots. Picture this: No power glitches during those perfect moments with your better half. And the chic black-and-white theme with wooden accents? It’s a design that feels just like home, but with undoubtedly better views!



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