What Is Some Fun Stuff To Do While Camping? 

What Is Some Fun Stuff To Do While Camping? 

Camping can be fun, and it can also be a spiritual experience too. Camping can be whatever you want it to be! It is more than just cooking marshmallows over the campfire. Camping can be a great activity to get recharged and energised.

It’s an opportunity to have some quiet time to clear your mind or have some fun time with family and friends. Forget the stereotypes. Make camping a great experience whether you are going solo for a quiet retreat or some group fun for the weekend.

In this article, we have come up with a list of things you can do with your group or alone while camping in Western Australia. Put your phones away and focus on your surroundings and the people you are with and enjoy!

Going Solo

When you go camping solo, chances are you want to enjoy some peace and quiet. Quiet does not mean boring though. You can make your solo trip more interesting with these activities:

  1. Go hiking and explore the trails. Bring your camera or phone with you and take pictures. Identify the flora and fauna around you. Start small like insects and pretty flowers. Work up to identifying the bigger plants and trees. It would be great if you bring a reference book for the local plants and animals found around the area. Those that you are unable to identify, you can finish when you get home. 
  2. Bird watching. Bring a reference book with you. Take photos of the beautiful birds in the forest. See if you can capture their beauty and identify the species. The bonus part of bird watching is you have stunning photos to show your family and friends when you get home and maybe share some on social media. Maybe you get one good enough to print and hang on your wall!
  3. Go for a swim at the nearest waterfalls or lake. A good swim or a dip might just be what you need to refresh the body and soul. Take a swim and leave behind all your worries. We guarantee you will head back to the city recharged and ready to take over the world!
  4. Listen to music and sing your heart out! Being alone means you are free to say or do whatever you want without fear of judgement. This is the best time to enjoy music, dance, and sing to your heart’s content. 
  5. Star Gazing.  Western Australia is sunny almost all year long. It is the best place to watch the stars and maybe see some falling stars. You do not need to be an astronomy expert to enjoy the clear bright skies and pretty stars. Brush up on your constellations, and maybe see if you can find Venus or Jupiter on a clear night sky. If you have a love affair with astronomy, bring out your telescope and start star gazing!
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Group Fun

They say the best way to go camping is to go with your best friends or your loved ones. It is more fun when you are with the people you love!

However, camping can easily go sour if you do not have some fun activities lined up. You can only stare into the wild for so long, right?

Here are some group activities you can do that will surely make camping a lot more fun for you and your group.

  1. Campfire Cooking. Make your campfire meals more interesting. Make a contest to see who makes the best scrambled eggs or the best jaffles. Get everyone’s creative juices flowing and excited for every meal.
  2. Campfire Stories. Let everyone share a story and at the end, everyone must guess who told the truth and who made their story up. Whoever guesses the most gets a reward or gets to choose an activity.
  3. Campfire Songs. Campfire songs is always a good idea. Singing brings good vibes. Bring it up a notch by doing a guess the song using a guitar or by humming the songs. Everyone will be bawling with laughter in no time. Campfire songs are so much fun!
  4. Hiking. You can’t miss hiking! Follow the trails and play a guessing game while you are at it. Take photos of the flowers and the birds. Take even more photos of each other!
  5. Movie Night. Bring a laptop or tablet and play a scary movie or a comedy. Watching a movie in the wild at night can be a totally different experience. 
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Whether you are going solo or with a group, always come prepared. Plan your activities ahead of time and always make sure you have enough essentials to last the whole stay. Make your safety and well-being a priority at all times.

Camping can be great fun and there is nothing better than experiencing the great outdoors in your very own luxury caravan.

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