What Is The Difference Between Camping And Glamping?

What Is The Difference Between Camping And Glamping?

In today’s world, we have a tendency to modernise numerous traditional activities to make it trendier and more appealing. Camping is no exception to this. Today, we have what’s known as glamping; or, glamorous camping!

Want to know the difference between camping and glamping? Well, keep on reading!

What Is Glamping And How Is It Different From Camping?

We’re all familiar with what camping is, but glamping is a relatively new term. Glamping, as you can guess, is a cross between the words “glamour” and “camping.”

Glamping is basically an elevated version of camping. Glampers elevate their camping set up so that it feels cozier and more homely.

They still like to immerse themselves in nature and outdoor settings but using a set up that includes some luxuries and comforts that you would find back at home.

Essentially, comfort is what differentiates glamping from camping. There are many glamping getaways that offer luxuries such as spas, private showers, or a closet in your tent.

The camping element is there, but the luxury and comfort element makes the glamping experience unique.

There are also DIY methods for glamping. Usually, this involves things such as getting a bigger tent, adding a comfy mattress, or utilising gourmet cookware.

Many people also like to decorate their glamping setup up with aesthetic things such as LED lights, artsy furniture, and much more.

Difference Between Camping And Glamping tent

How Can I Turn Camping Into Glamping?

As previously mentioned, there are various ways you can elevate camping into glamping. Here are a few tips and tricks to do so:

1. Upgrade Your Tent

The tent is one of the primary essentials of any camping trip. Glamp it up a bit by sprucing up your tent!

Usually, glampers like to buy tents that are twice as big. This means that if you are camping with two people, you should get a tent that can fit 4 people.

This gives you more space to move around in comparison to the traditional camping tents that don’t have as much space. 

Space is important when it comes to glamping, so use a tent that you can also stand up in. It is a simple glamping necessity, but it will definitely enhance your normal camping experience.

2. Bring Luxuries From Home

Bring home closer to you on your adventure to the outdoors! Here are some things you may wanna consider bringing from home:

  • A mattress and everything else that comes with it (bedding, pillows, sheets, comforter)
  • A rug so you can wipe your feet off before you enter your tent
  • Side table or a small table to place candles and other calming items
  • Decorations such as string lights, flowers, some art. 
  • A dinner table to help you enjoy your meal (don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be as fancy as you think!)
  • Comfortable chairs

3. Cook Gourmet Meals And Bring Wine

Many memorable camping experiences revolve around mealtime. Why not enhance this experience as well? Instead of consuming food like chips or sausages, make meals like smoked fish, fresh cinnamon rolls, or anything grilled. 

It would also help to bring a cooler with you to make sure all of your food is well stored. Bringing a multi-burner stove will definitely help to produce some gourmet meals. 

And, of course, we can’t forget about the wine! Bring some good drinks to truly unwind and relax in the beauty of nature. 

Difference Between Camping Glamping wine

4. Make A Lounge Space

This is a great way for you to really relax and enjoy nature. Set up a comfortable lounge space with chairs, tables, cupholders, and even a campfire centrepiece if there is one! Just make sure to take all safety precautions around this. 

5. Elevate Entertainment

Try to find new ways to entertain yourself! You can try ideas such as an outdoor movie theatre and go the extra mile by bringing a projector, popcorn, and all your favourite movie snacks. 

You can also make a lot of DIY games that you and your camping buddies will definitely enjoy. The choices are only limited to your imagination!


Final Thoughts

When it comes to glamping, there is no one way to do it. Everyone has their own idea of how their home can meet the great outdoors. Try a new camping experience and create new memories of this amazing adventure!

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