Take your luxury camping experience to the next level with our Rugged Terrain Vehicle, with all the modern conveniences of home with you on the road. Find that perfect remote spot, and enjoy in ultimate relaxation and comfort. A perfect vehicle for you to make future memories of adventure, peace and pleasure.

Every element of your caravan has been carefully considered

Made from the ground up, every caravan manufactured has top quality exterior features that are both aesthetic and functional Our interior features leave no stone unturned, through it’s stylish design combined with high quality durable assembly.
All our caravans are bonded together, eliminating the issue of having to replace rotted timber or rusted screws or nails in the next 5 to 10 years.
Leaving no cause for concern, every joined element is glued and sealed in its entirety, leaving no weak links and no chance for water to erode. The strength is incredible!
No timber means no structural rotting. All our vans are structurally built using fiberglass sandwich panel structure to last far beyond the years of use.
All vans come with Anti sway stability control, ensuring you reduce swaying issues when you drive over unexpected changes in the road.
No need to manually fold them out, with a press of a button, they extend and ready for use.
Feel like you’ve never left home with a caravan design to maximum space utilisation.
Keeps the noise out combined with any change in weather. Keeps your van cool in summer and warm in winter.
Battery Management System
200 amp hr lithium batteries.


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