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Perth To Wave Rock

Take a Road Trip – Perth to Wave Rock

Are you looking for a unique road trip to take in Western Australia? Wave Rock is the place for you! Read below as we take a look at this stunning rock formation in more detail.The route from Perth to Wave Rock is a gorgeous, iconic one which is ideal for people who want to see some of the best sights that Australia has to offer.If you're looking for a road trip through varied terrain, and want to soak up the atmosphere of some of the coolest parts of Australian then taking a luxury caravan trip from Perth to Wave Rock is a perfect choice.

Take Your Time and Enjoy the Ride

The trip is one that could be made in a weekend (or even a day, it's only a few hundred KM) if you wanted to rush, but why waste the opportunity? You can build in a few more stops and really ...
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Road Tripping Around Western Australia

How to Road Trip Your Way Around Western Australia?

Are you a fan of road trips? If so, Western Australia is the place for you. Let's take a look at some tips that will help to make sure your adventure is a good one.There are many good reasons to take a road trip around Western Australia. It lets you relax and decompress, while the journey gives you a fresh perspective on life.However, if you are playing with the idea to hit the road, then you need to do it right to maximise your enjoyment.If you want to make the most of your road trip, it is important to set out prepared and ready for everything that may come your way.Following is a list of suggestions and advice on how to road trip your way around...
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Best Free Camping Sites

5 Free Camping Sites In Western Australia

Are you a fan of camping in the great outdoors? If you have a chance to do this in Western Australia, there are some amazing places you can visit. Let's take a look at the top 5 camping places below.Campers who wish to explore Australia often choose that state of Western Australia for its variety of camping sites that allow you to really get in touch with our beautiful country.Western Australia is home to many camping sites, most of which are free to the public. Furthermore, these sites can accommodate caravans, which makes camping that much easier.Some of these camping sites are located along river banks and lakeshores so campers are guaranteed an enjoyable and memorable camping session.Most of these camping sites also have the essentials of a camping site, which...
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semi off road caravans

Advantages Of A Semi Off-Road Caravan

Looking for a semi off-road caravan for your next camping trip? Semi off-road caravans come with a large assortment of benefits to make your camping experience that much better. Let's take a look at these benefits in more detail below.Lovers of road trips and camping will insist on the need of having a caravan for camping trips. Caravans are especially essential whenever you want to traverse rough and bumpy terrain such as the Australian outback.Looking for a caravan can be a daunting task, especially if you're looking for a cool, conventional off-road caravan.If this is the case, you can safely turn to a Read More
safe camping

Tips For Staying Safe In Western Australia While Camping

Camping is a very enjoyable activity. Whether you are doing it alone, with a group of friends or with your family, you need to remain safe when camping in Western Australia. Here are some useful tips for staying safe while camping in WA. 

1. Beware Of Any Risks Near Your Shelter Site 

Once you have arrived at the campground, you need to choose the right place to set your shelter. Whether you are going to set up a tent or shelter in your RV, make sure you know about any risks in that area. For instance, don’t camp directly under large gum trees. There are some trees that can drop lar...
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