7 Of The Best Camping Apps For Australia

7 Of The Best Camping Apps For Australia

As our society becomes progressively more digitalised and technological, our lives have been made much easier in every aspect. In fact, there are many digital applications out there that can help to even elevate your camping experience!

Nowadays camping apps help solve every problem you have probably encountered when it comes to camping, such as where is the nearest campsite? How can I reach a particular destination? What items do I need to bring on my trip?

Well, these problems have all been solved with this list of Australia’s best camping apps! Keep reading to learn more about them.

1). Wikicamps Australia

Wikicamps Australia is an app that can help you locate important destinations such as roadside rest areas, suitable campsites, and even caravan parks. The app even helps you identify if these destinations have wifi or not!

All the content on the app is user-generated, which includes a forum that brings together a community of campers that have experienced similar situations as you. Though the content may not be 100% accurate, the app is still known to be relatively effective and helpful for all your destination searching needs.

You can find the Wikicamps Australia app on the Apple and Google stores.

2). Fuel Map Australia

Have you ever struggled with finding petrol stations? Well, this app has got you covered! Fuel Map provides you with the location of affordable fuel in every part of Australia. This app can definitely be a lifesaver; after all, we can’t go camping without fuel!

Fuel Map Australia is also available on the Apple and Google stores.

7 Of Best Camping Apps Australia

3). Willy Weather

Anticipating the weather is an important part of every camping trip. With this app, you’re not only able to check on what the weather will be like, including other details such as temperature, UV rays, moon cycles, sunrise or sunset times, tide schedules, and even wind strength.

This is especially helpful for campers that are trying to avoid the harsh heat especially in the summer months, or for photographers that are looking to capture the perfect nature picture.

Willy Weather is available on both the Apple and Google stores.

4). Camping Checklist

When going on a camping trip, it is essential that you bring every necessity possible. With the Camping Checklist app, you won’t have to experience leaving something behind anymore!

The app is completely customisable, allowing you to stay organised and on track with everything that you require for your camping trip. You can even share your camping list with your fellow travel buddies to avoid packing more than one piece of the same item!

This app is only available on the Google store.

5). AllTrails

Of course, every nature spot in Australia has a walking trail! With AllTrails, you can find over 60,000 walking and even biking trails not only in Australia but around the world. The app even provides photos of these trails, providing extra information like the difficulty levels, distances, elevations, and reviews.

AllTrails can be found on both the Apple and Google stores.

7 Of Best Camping Apps Australia

6). GoSky Watch

GoSky Watch is the perfect app for campers who love to appreciate nature to its fullest. You can use this app to spend the night stargazing, learning more about planets, constellations, and more!

You can do all of this by simply pointing the camera of your phone to the sky, and the app will be able to map out all the star patterns in the sky. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

7). Picture This

Picture This is a super fun camping app that can be used by both children and adults. With this app, you can learn more about local flora by simply taking a picture of a plant that you come across. The app will be able to not only identify the plant but will also provide a few interesting facts about it as well.

You can also create a personal collection of the flowers and plants you have come across, though this is a paid feature. This app definitely brings nature exploration to the next level!

This app can be downloaded from both the Apple and Google stores.



Camping doesn’t always have to be traditional or even boring, because the presence of all these fun and helpful apps can definitely make your campaign experience much more worthwhile!

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