Sturdy and flexible, offroaders will let you tread the highways as well as unpaved roads without breaking down midways.


If you want a truly off-road, off-grid experience with your caravan, then the exterior needs to be able to withstand some extreme conditions. This is what makes the ERV totally different from anything you would’ve experienced before. The exterior features a toolbox on A-frame, TV entertainment hatch and a grey water tank. External BBQ Grilling and cooking is also possible with the Electric Weber BBQ with its own pull-out tray. The ERV signature colour is always white which helps minimise thermal transfer into the cabin body by reflecting the heat away.


The interior of the ERV is specially designed to make you feel like you’re right at home while on the road! The ERVs interior is packed with features that deliver the ultimate experience when it comes to comfort and convenience. This fully electric off-grid caravan features leather upholstery, air conditioner, 3 piece bed head, pillow top mattress, ceramic cassette toilet and a fully fiberglassed shower.