Ready to level up your couple’s adventure game? Dive into Australia’s mesmerizing landscapes with Vancraft’s 17ft Couples Van – it’s not just travelling, it’s levelling up your relationship status with Mother Nature! Remember those bedtime tales of cozy retreats and dreamy escapes? We’ve turned the page and brought that to life. Nestle into a deluxe queen-sized bed after a day of fun – it’s like a cloud, but better. Add a dash of modern ensuite luxury, sprinkle in a generous dining space, and voila, you have a home on wheels. Oh, and for the culinary enthusiasts with a pinch of romance? Our Raptor slideout kitchen lets you cook up love potions with a side of sunrises and sunsets. Been there, cooked that, and let us tell you – it’s a recipe for memories. Because with Vancraft, every journey feels like a cheeky wink from the universe!


Ready to sprinkle a bit of romance on the road? Elevate your road trip escapades with a touch of love and luxury, courtesy of Vancraft.

Imagine whipping up gourmet meals in the Raptor slide-out kitchen, savouring them under a canopy of shimmering stars. Enhance those special moments with our Fusion RV sound panel, delivering crystal clear melodies to set the perfect romantic ambience. And just when you think the magic might wane, our twin 200W solar panels ensure there’s no power disruption to your intimate moments. Plus, with thoughtful touches and state-of-the-art amenities, we’ve taken care of every detail. Trust us, with Vancraft, it’s always date night!


Vancraft operates on a promise of unparalleled luxury and convenience for you and your partner. Vancraft’s philosophy puts your and your partner’s convenience and comfort as a priority! Making sure you and your partner feel like VIPs on wheels.

Glide into the embrace of our sumptuous queen-sized bed, offering a perfect retreat after a day filled with Australian escapades. Dreaming of a moonlit dinner or a sun-kissed breakfast? Our expansive dining nook provides the perfect setting. And for those moments of relaxation and rejuvenation, the chic ensuite stands ready.

With Vancraft, every mile, every landscape, becomes an event to cherish. We’ve been perfecting the art of travel luxury for years, ensuring you don’t just move but truly revel in every heartbeat of your journey.


13’6FT Couples

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