Where Are The Best Sand Dunes In WA?

Where Are The Best Sand Dunes In WA?

Western Australia is known for a lot of things. We have the pristine white sand beaches, majestic mountains and natural terrains that will take your breath away.

However, did you know that Western Australia is a premier sandboarding destination? We have the best sand dunes this part of Australia has to offer. 

Dust off your boards and get ready to have the best ride of your life! We have come up with a list of the best sand dunes and sandboarding destinations in WA. 

Lancelin Sand Dunes

Lancelin is one of the windiest places in WA. This is why the town is famous for great windsurfing and sandboarding. The strong winds in Lancelin cause the formation of massive sand dunes that the locals and tourists love.

Lancelin is also the closest sand dunes in Perth. Bring your sunscreen and your appetite for adventure, Lanceline won’t let you down!

  • How to Get There – Lancelin is only an hour and 25 minutes north of central Perth. Head north to the end of the Mitchell Freeway then turn right on Hester Avenue. Go left on Wanneroo Road until you get to Indian Ocean Drive. Continue heading north until you get to Lancelin.
  • Clothing – Lancelin is both windy and sunny. You can wear casual comfortable clothes like boardshorts and t-shirts. A rashguard and leg protection are more advisable though because you can expect a lot of sand ending up all over your clothes. You will also need protective glasses to keep sand from getting into your eyes and to minimise the glare of the sun and the white sand dunes.
  • Fees – Entry to the Lancelin Sand Dunes is free. Although if you do not have your own sandboard, you can rent one for about $10 to $15. You can also rent ATVs or two-wheel drive vehicles. And if you want to go deep into the off-road area, there are 4-wheel drive vehicles you can rent.
Where Best Sand Dunes In WA Lancelin

Guilderton Sand Dunes

Guilderton is a small picturesque coastal town close to Perth where the beaches are beautiful and the sand dunes are massive. It has a desert by the river near the mouth of the ocean.

You can sandboard from the top of the dunes down to the shoreline of the river. 

  • How to Get There – Guilderton is about a one-hour drive north of Perth via the Mitchell Freeway. 
  • Clothing – Since Guilderton is a hot and windy town, plan your outfits so you do not get sand all over your clothes and you have enough protection from the sun. Bring a hat, rashguard, leg protection, and a lot of sunscreen. Also, bring sunglasses and eye protection so you keep the sand from getting into your eyes.
  • Fees – Entrance is free but sandboards, ATVs, and other essentials for sandboarding is available for rent.

Yeagerup Dunes

Yeagweup Dunes is one of the largest dunes systems in not just Australia, but in the world. It is a majestic expanse of enormous sand dunes that are on the move. It is considered the largest land-locked mobile dunes in Australia. 

  • How to Get There – Yeagerup Dunes is located in D’Entrecasteaux National Park on the coast approximately 30 minutes from Pemberton. From Pemberton, take the State Route 10  and Windy Harbour Road. When you get to D’Entrecasteaux National Park, you can rent a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler to get to the Yeagerup Dunes. You can bring your own 2WD or 4WD into the sand dunes.
  • Clothing – Just like the first two sand dune destinations, appropriate clothing is important to keep the sand from your clothes and your eyes. Wear eye protection like sunglasses or goggles.
  • Fees – registration or entry fee per vehicle is only $11 which covers all of the D’Entrecasteaux National Park. Feel free to explore the rest of the park and go camping, kayaking, hiking, and many more activities the park has to offer.
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There are plenty more sand dune destinations to choose from in WA. Each place is unique because each terrain is different which makes the experience totally unforgettable. 

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