Which Caravan Is Right for You: On-road or Off-road?

Which Caravan Is Right for You: On-road or Off-road?

If you are in the market for a caravan, there are many things to look for to ensure you get the best model to suit your needs and budget.

In fact, there is a distinction between the caravans that can be used in off-road conditions and those that cannot be used in such conditions.

On-road touring-style caravans will spend most of their lifetime on bitumen roads and well-maintained dirt roads under dry weather conditions.

However, off-road camper trailers are different beasts altogether. They are precision-engineered to withstand plenty of punishment when you’re off the beaten track.

This article provides information on what you should consider when deciding between an on-road and off-road caravan.

On-road Caravans

On-road caravans are designed to be towed on bitumen surfaces and well-maintained gravel roads under dry weather conditions.

The tyre and suspension set-ups are designed to handle ordinary road networks.

They are not the best for off-road trips that entail consistent punishment to the vehicle.

Most on-road caravans come with a beam axle, shock absorbers, and leaf slipper springs for consistent on-road performance.

You shouldn’t use this type of vehicle for off-road duties because it may cause damage to certain parts of the trailer.

If your primary focus is on-road camping trips in Australia, you should consider investing in an on-road caravan.

Off-road Caravans

Outback or off-road caravans are made to withstand more punishment compared to an on-road caravan.

These trailers typically cost more than on-road caravans. That’s because strong, high-quality materials are used to build these caravans.

Off-road caravans come with more ground clearance and stronger underbody protection to suit Australian outback conditions.

These trailers can be comfortably towed during tough weather conditions and inclement weather.

There are many salient features in off-road caravans compared to on-road caravans.

They come with more aggressive dust sealing capabilities, adjustable dual shock absorbers, airbags, coil-spring independent suspension, and other important features.

Which Caravan Is Best for Me?

You should choose the right caravan to suit your camping trips.

If you plan to tour on bitumen-only roads with easy access to campsites, an on-road caravan is your best bet.

These trailers are cheaper than their off-road counterparts. They are simple to set-up and packed with several salient features.

However, if you plan to tour the outback of Australia in off-road conditions, you should spend a bit extra on an off-road caravan.

This type of trailer is much stronger than an on-road trailer and comes with a host of salient features.

Make sure you do extensive research before making your final decision to buy the right caravan to suit your needs and budget.

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