• 4-6 Pickard Avenue, Rockingham WA
  • Dealer Licence - MD23777 / Repairers Licence - MRB7245


Conquering the toughest terrains require a sturdy caravan that is always up for the challenge. The road less travelled is indeed a bumpy one but with the Daydream, you won’t have to feel every pit and chuckhole.

This offroad caravan has features capable of surprising each caravanner – it has Alko Enduro Outback Suspension, gas heater, toolbox, sway control and a whole lot more!

If you’re looking for a caravan that is right for you, you have to choose the Daydream.


When people think of ‘off-roading’ they tend to be easy on the exterior, which makes The Daydream different from what we’ve been used to. It features a toolbox on Aframe, TV entertainment hatch, shower lockers, and a grey water tank. Designed using Black C/ Plates, Checker Wheel Spats to Match Side Finish, and Modern Double Glazed Windows, your off-road caravan will not just stand out performance-wise, but also style-wise.


The goal of Retreat Caravans is to make you feel at home so you could sleep well at night no matter where you are. The Daydream is your home away from home with internal features that surely stand out. This offroad caravan has upholstered seatbases, air conditioner, extension runner-self closing drawers, rolled post form benchtops and fully fibreglass shower and gas heater.


15+ floorplans to choose from with only 1 definite purpose to offer– to conquer terrains you never knew you could. Some floor plans come with single beds and you can customise the seating arrangements. This caravan is strategically equipped inside and out to give you the adventure that you’ve always dreamed of and get first-class treatment at the same time. We give you the best options, all you have to do is allow us to take you ‘there’– wherever that may be.


This is where the story comes to its peak. The Daydream, being the toughest beast on the Australian soil, is structured with a 6” A-Frame chassis and built with premium parts not just to cope but to get ahead of your passion for extreme adventures: 6” raiser, 3-Arm bumper bar, 450mm extended A-frame and an Alko enduro outback suspension. Expect exceptional towing from this off-roading beast.