• 4-6 Pickard Avenue, Rockingham WA
  • Dealer Licence - MD23777 / Repairers Licence - MRB7245


Luxury, comfort, style and purpose all perfectly wired into one caravan. The Rover comes in 10 different layouts allowing you to create a home-of-your-own every time you’re up for another exceptional journey. The Rover offers a fusion of modern living and long-established quality for added comfort and guaranteed functionality – taking you from one great dream adventure after the other.


With an emphasis on aesthetics and sophistication, The Rover has been meticulously crafted to get you over and under in style. Surrounded with the robust smooth aluminium, Euro double glazed windows and other top-notch materials, this caravan lets you stand out anytime, anywhere.


The Galaxy team understands that your comfort is of utmost importance. A perfectly equipped caravan is what you need so it’s what you’ll get. The Rover is loaded with world-class equipment and materials for a five-star stay – Ibis 3 Aircon, 150-watt solar panel, Rm8555 190 Ltr Fridge and rear view camera to name only a few.