5 Key Features Of Off-Road Caravans

5 Key Features Of Off-Road Caravans

Caravans come in a wide variety of designs, and in all different shapes and sizes.

When shopping for a high-quality off-road caravan that has what it takes to follow even the most capable 4X4 into the remotest parts of Western Australia, it’s important to have some essential background information.

As we will demonstrate below, all off-road caravans are not the same.

However, with the information discussed below on the main features of these off-road beasts, identifying the real ones from the pretenders will be much easier.

Here’s a list of some of the main features of off-road caravans:

The Chassis

Off-roading can be quite demanding; this means that a strong chassis is essential.

A number of caravan manufacturers have therefore chosen to use steel as the main component of their caravans’ chassis.

However, this also increases the weight of the caravan; something that makes it all the more difficult to haul around the highly demanding off-road tracks.

To lighten the load, while still maintaining the strength and durability of the chassis, some manufacturers use aluminium or a combination of steel and aluminium.

For instance, some manufacturers use aluminium cross-members on steel main rails.

The Suspension

The right suspension will not only provide a smoother ride but also helps ensure that you get to your destination with all the structural and internal components of the caravan still in one piece.

In most cases, manufacturers looking to build a formidable off-road caravan fit it with a load sharing or trailing arm suspension.

The most popular independent suspension set up includes shock absorbers with coil springs and trailing arms.

Remember to confirm whether the suspension system is made of components designed for off-road use, and not rough road use, as these are entirely different.  

Caravan Frame

The materials used to build the caravan frame influence its durability as well as how well it responds to changes in driving conditions and even temperature.

With this in mind, choosing a caravan with the right frame is essential.

The main contenders with regard to the materials used in building a caravan frame are wood and aluminium.

Manufacturers who favour the use of wood usually point to its flexibility as a huge benefit.

Those favouring the use of aluminium, on the other hand, point to some of the disadvantages of wooden frames, such as their susceptibility to wet and dry rot.

Down Below

In addition to the above, a great off-road caravan needs a sturdy underbelly.

Since the clean and grey water storage tanks are located underneath, extra protection is necessary to avoid any damage to the soft PVC structure.

For starters, any PVC plumbing should be located as high as possible to minimise any chances of scraping.

Furthermore, galvanized sheet metal should be used to provide some added protection.

Electric brake wiring should also be properly secured. Dangling cables expose the caravan user to unnecessary risks.

Lastly, the caravan floor should be built to prevent the entry of water into the caravan, especially considering the fact that water crossings are a normal occurrence in caravan touring.

The Coupling

Before binding up, a standard ball coupling only rotates about 22 degrees, increasing the likelihood of failure.

To eliminate this risk, an off-road coupling should be designed to rotate through 360 degrees.

There are various couplings produced in Australia that meet this requirement; some can even be purchased as aftermarket parts.

The best off-road caravan must be designed and built to perform in the most demanding off-road conditions, and not just labelled as “off-road”.

Only a caravan that comes with the above features as standard can deliver such performance.

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