Tips and Tricks for 4wd Trips in Western Australia

Tips and Tricks for 4wd Trips in Western Australia

Are you planning on doing a road trip in your 4wd around Western Australia? If so, don’t leave until you have read the following guide.

4wd trips are popular in Western Australia, and if you have never been on one, then you should plan for it. These trips are exciting and come with some challenges that make the end result so much more rewarding.

However, some challenges can easily overwhelm you and force you to cut the trip short and in a worst-case scenario, can even put you in a situation where you need to call for some help.

You do not want this to happen, so it’s important to be well prepared for what lies ahead if you are to enjoy your 4wd trips in Western Australia. Here are some of the tricks and tips for s successful off-road outing:

Choosing the Vehicle

The type of off-road adventure you can embark on depends on what 4wd car you have. Most of the modern 4wd vehicles are not suitable for typical off-road activities.

Therefore, do not make the mistake of picking a modern car with four-wheel drive features just for the sake of it.

You need a serious 4 by 4 car whose chassis and body can take all the punishment and ruggedness of a muddy and rough track. In simple terms, a crossover car might not make the cut.

When choosing the car, understand how the 4wd system works and how you can control it. Locate the spare tyre and jack beforehand as you will more than likely need them along the way.

Get the car’s dimension before starting the trip so that you can determine whether it can penetrate through tight spaces or not. Check its clearance for easier movement on hilly areas and get used to driving it before the trip.

Get more information about the engine’s air intake and where the computer box is located for you to understand how much water depth it can take without interfering with any crucial systems.

Before you start the trip, check the tires to ensure they have the right pressure. Make sure the car is in top condition and confirm that the steering and brakes are working perfectly.


When going off-road, ensure that you have enough supplies. It does not hurt to carry extra supplies since you never know when you might need them.

Carry enough water, food, and fuel to sustain the group even in the event of a breakdown. If you have stopovers, locate where you can get extra supplies and emergency services so that you have a place to go to in case of a mishap.

Understand the Risks

The thrill of going for off-road trips is accessing dangerous places, but there is a fine line between risk and safety. Be aware of the weather conditions on the routes you want to use before you embark on the trip.

Tracks can flood heavily during the rainy season so you need to be ready for this. If the sun is too hot, bushfires can be a potential threat. And don’t forget about the threat of wildlife, especially snakes and spiders.

Contact the local visitor centres in Western Australia and let them know that you are visiting so you can get more information regarding the potential risks in that area.

Be Realistic

It is vital to understand your 4wd skills and be realistic about them, especially for novices. Assess your experience and make sure you understand your limits.

It is easy to watch experts tackle challenging courses in 4wd vehicles, but it takes years of practice and experience to become competent.

Off-road driving requires a particular skillset level that you might not have if you are doing it for the first time.

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