What Are Some Of The Best Off-Road Tracks For Camping In WA?

What Are Some Of The Best Off-Road Tracks For Camping In WA?

Are you planning to camp in Western Australia in your 4WD? Are you searching for some of the best off-road tracks for your camping trip? If so, please read below for more.

Western Australia is one of the best four-wheel driving destinations in the world. WA 4WD lovers are lucky to have such a wide range of terrain to explore starting from sand dunes and soft beaches right through to rocks and mud.

Perth and the surrounding areas in WA are blessed with some of the best off-road experiences with amazing views and places to explore. Following are some of the best off-road tracks for camping in WA.

  • Captain Fawcett
  • Mundaring Weir And State Forest
  • Wilbinga
  • Down Nannup

Captain Fawcett

The Captain Fawcett off-road track is an easy and highly favoured track among the 4WD community in Western Australia. There is a wide variety of tracks you can travel along when you tour this region.

There are plenty of short tracks that come off the main track. You will find historical aspects to enjoy while travelling along this track. You should allow at least four hours to finish the main track.

You will find a lot of granite boulders to climb in the region. The track can become quite wet during the winter season as well as very dry during the summer months. You will find a load of mud to trek through during the rainy season.

So you need to be prepared for a great fun-loving adventure when you travel in this region. Here are plenty of things you can do in the area – swimming, camping, canoeing, picnics, and photographing.

You can take some of the best photos of nature when travelling along Captain Fawcett.

Mundaring Weir And State Forest

Mundaring Weir consists of some easy-going and tight tracks to experience. This makes it a newbie-friendly track because of this. Mundaring Weir isn’t all about the Powerline track.

The track is made up of sand, sharp rocks, mud, gravel, as well as steep ascents and descents. The difficulty rate varies depending on the track you choose to travel.

You will find a few easy tracks that will help you improve your four-wheel driving skills. Camping is allowed in the area. The camping sites are adorned with beautiful scenery with the Helena River Reservoir in the vicinity.

However, access to the reservoir is restricted to protect it from being contaminated. Don’t let this deter you and stop you from admiring the nature around you.

Once you reach the top of the dam, the view is absolutely spectacular.


Wilbinga has some of the best off-road tracks in WA along the beach as well as through the dunes and bushlands. This track becomes very populated on weekends and school holidays.

There is something for everyone to do when you go there with your family. Kids can play on the beach while you fish or explore the area.

Wilbinga is also very close to Perth. This means you can easily camp there without losing your way or getting into trouble.

Down Nannup

Down Nannup consists of steep ascents and descents that are made up of clay. This is a beautiful scenery track that is easy-going. You will find a few fabulous stops along the way to stop and enjoy the beauty of nature.

There are also some historical timber mills along the track. There are also many campsites along the way. It’s perfect for your weekend with family and friends.

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