Shark Bay – What To See And How To Stay Safe!

Shark Bay – What To See And How To Stay Safe!

Are you a globe-trotting soul who loves to explore new places and live the life of the locals wherever you happen to go? Do you feel at home when you are camping or caravanning and living the outdoor dream to the fullest?

If we have just described you perfectly then a trip to Shark Bay is right up your alley!

With a wealth of things to do and places to see, as well as proudly having World Heritage status, this is a destination that would be hard to disappoint even the most fussy traveller!

In fact, allow us to tell you about a few of the best things to do when you are staying in this wonderful part of the world, as well as tips to keep you safe while you are there. Here’s what we are going to discuss:

  • Visit The Stromatolites
  • Spend A Day At Shell Beach
  • Top Travel Tips To Keep You Safe!

Visit The Stromatolites

Among the most diverse in the world, this is the chance to see what an incredible marine ecosystem looked like many years ago.

These microbial mats show the complex relationship between various species and how they work together in one community, depending highly on each other. This is a visit that you will definitely remember for many years to come.

Spend A Day At Shell Beach

If you love shells and are all about collecting a little keepsake to take home with you as a cherished memory of your time exploring, you will adore a day spent at Shell Beach!

Made up of trillions of tiny shells, all from the Fragum cockle, this is a beach that is like no other.

The waters are very salty and shallow and make the perfect place to float around and take in the heat of summer, just be sure to bring your sunscreen with you!

Top Travel Tips To Keep You Safe!

Located in a remote part of Western Australia, Shark Bay comes with several key points that all travellers should keep in mind during their visit.

Firstly, the temperatures in summer are very high and for visitors who are not used to such heat, preparation is vital. It is scary how quickly a situation can turn dangerous when visitors are not prepared for the weather.

It’s also good to remember that some areas are not very accessible and should not be explored without the help of a professional tour guide.

Dangerous wildlife is another area to familiarise yourself with before visiting Shark Bay.

Despite the name, sharks are not a massive threat here, and whilst there are nearly 30 shark species recorded in Shark Bay, only one or two could be counted as dangerous.

Whilst in the water you should be extra vigilant against sea snakes, whilst they do not tend to attack they are very venomous.

Stingrays also tend to be plentiful and blue-ringed octopuses call this place home and are amongst the most deadly out there; keep an eye out for these and avoid them at all costs!

One of the best ways to keep yourself safe while visiting Shark Bay is to enjoy your surroundings with the help of a reputable tour guide.

The Bottom Line On A Trip To Shark Bay

For lovers of the great outdoors, as well as people who adore learning about this wonderful and fascinating planet that we have the privilege of calling home, a trip to Shark Bay is a perfect choice.

However, always keep in mind; there are many places to see but staying safe is always key!

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