Things To See And Do In Coral Bay

Things To See And Do In Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a region in Western Australia that is famous for tourism, with plenty of tours and sites to see. 

The Coral Bay region is 1200km north of Perth and faces west to the Indian Ocean. 

Tourists visiting get the perfect opportunity to meet wildlife in its natural habitat. 

The region is suitable for family getaways with plenty of activities to do and sites to see. 

Curious to know the sites to see or activities to do in Coral Bay? Well, here are some of them:

  • Ningaloo Coral Reef 
  • Yardie Creek
  • Turquoise Bay
  • Paradise Beach
  • Exmouth Navy Pier
  • Cape Range National Park

1. Ningaloo Coral Reef 

In this seaside town of Coral Bay, tourists can engage in various activities and enjoy the beautiful views in the town. 

The Ningaloo reef is just steps from the shore, a feature that sets it apart from other coral reefs. 

Visitors can enjoy the clearest waters and the pristine coral gardens are also a sight to behold. 

Tourists can indulge in snorkelling where they swim with plenty of species of tropical reef fish. 

Visitors also get to swim with whale sharks in this reef, especially from March to August.

2. Yardie Creek

Yardie Creek is a highlight of the Cape Range National Park. Here, visitors can go bushwalking or boating in the creek. 

They can also enjoy a session of viewing the rare native animals at the Yardie Creek gorge. 

The ancient gorge is home to blue waters, cliff faces, red limestone and a range of beautiful birds and wildlife, including the Euros, red kangaroos and the rare black-footed wallaby. 

3. Turquoise Bay

Considered one of the best beaches in Australia, Turquoise Bay is a must-visit spot in the Cape Range National Park in Exmouth. 

Its white sandy beaches give way to the clear waters of Ningaloo Reef Lagoon, which make it one of the best for snorkelling. 

Snorkelling in Turquoise Bay leads visitors to the thick coral gardens that are home to many species of coloured reef fish, sea turtles, stingrays and harmless reef sharks.

4. Paradise Beach

Coral Bay may be known for the numerous beaches it has, but Paradise Beach is a secret beach worth exploring. 

The uncrowded beach is a perfect spot for snorkelling as you interact with hundreds of marine species. 

The beach is located close to the Ningaloo Reef and visitors can also indulge in other activities in the Ningaloo Reef. 

On Paradise Beach, visitors can also play beach cricket, swim or just soak in the sun as they read a book.

5. Exmouth Navy Pier

This site is one of the most famous land-based dive sites. 

The Exmouth Navy Pier boasts over 200 fish species, including the giant Queensland gropers that can be spotted in the deep waters, the big-eye trevally, barracuda and other smaller reef fish species. 

Visitors can take shallow dives, which are about 15m deep. 

This makes the site ideal for both novices and expert divers as they enjoy the view of the spectacular marine life.

6. Cape Range National Park

This national park is a spectacular landscape of deep canyons, rugged limestone and pristine beaches. 

Tourists can enjoy the breath-taking views and also get to see various forms of wildlife, including dingoes, emus, lizards, wallabies, echidnas, kangaroos and various bird species. 

Tourists can also trek the hiking trails in the park and get up-close to some of the endemic vegetation of the area.

Coral Bay in Western Australia is rich in tourist destinations and numerous enjoyable activities in which visitors can indulge. 

Apart from the view of pristine beaches, tourists can also snorkel and discover the numerous fish species in the region. 

The Cape Range National Park is also a landscape of gorges and rugged limestone in which visitors can also enjoy hiking in the park.

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