5 Best Campgrounds in Margaret River

5 Best Campgrounds in Margaret River

The Margaret River region is well-known for its winemaking. 

Campers also love the region for its calm and secluded camping sites, which are much more enjoyable than other busy and over-crowded camping sites. 

Some campsites in Margaret River are located in the Karri forest and Jarrah areas and along the river banks as well. 

Most of the camping sites in this region are off the known paths but are still well-placed for campers to explore the best attractions in the region. 

Campers can also access the various basic facilities such as eco-toilets and gas barbeques. 

Although campers miss out on hot showers and power, they get up-close with wildlife and nature for free or at a small fee. 

Planning for a camping tour in the Margaret River region? Here are five camping sites to keep in mind:

  • Chapman Pool Campground 
  • Alexandra Bridge Campground 
  • Contos Campground
  • Boranup Campground
  • Jarrahdene Campground

1. Chapman Pool Campground

The Chapman Pool is a campground located in the Warner Glen recreation site. 

It is one of the campers’ favourites since it is hidden between the river banks and the gorgeous Jarrah forest. 

This campsite is secluded and quiet and campers get to enjoy campfires, although campfire restrictions are enforced during the summer months. 

Visitors can hike the various walking trails along the brook. The campsite is also located in a lovely spot for kayaking and other water activities such as swimming. 

Campers can also bring their dogs along as the campsite is dog-friendly. 

2. Alexandra Bridge Campground 

This campsite is best suited for those with boats as it is located on the banks of the Blackwood River. 

It is situated along the Brockman Highway, about 30 minutes from the Township of Margaret River. 

Unlike the Chapman Pool campsites, the Alexandra Bridge Campground is not as secluded and can accommodate tents and caravans alike. 

It’s a great picnic spot with gas barbeques, tables and even has a playground for the kids. The campsite is also a dog-friendly as long as they are leashed.

3. Contos Campground

The Contos Campground is loved by most campers in Margaret River region and is only 19km from the Margaret River. 

Campsites in this ground are well located in the natural bushland, with the grassed areas forming the perfect spot to set up camp. 

Campers get up-close with the various wildlife such as kangaroos, possums, emus, chuditch (also known as western quoll) and various bird species. 

Campers can also walk the nearby Cape to Cape Hiking Trail or visit the beautiful Contos Beach. 

Other sites close to this campground include the Caves World and Lake Cave.

4. Boranup Campground

This is located in the Boranup Forest, which is one of the best natural attractions in the Margaret River region. 

This area has seven campsites, which are all under the canopy of the forest. The camping ground is often busy due to the limited number of campsites. 

It is situated on Caves Road, about 8km NW of Karridale and 25km south of Margaret River. 

5. Jarrahdene Campground

The Jarrahdene Campground is a relatively unexplored campground but more campers are discovering it by the day. 

It is located between Augusta and Margaret River, off Caves Road. 

The campsites in the Jarrahdene Campground are suited for caravans and tents alike. 

As such, the sites can accommodate large groups of campers who want to bring their large caravans and trailers with them. 

Margaret River is a region with several campgrounds, some of which are located in the lush Karri and Boranup forests. 

Most of the campsites allow for tents and caravans and can, therefore, accommodate small and large groups. 

Some of the campgrounds located on the river banks give campers the opportunity to enjoy other activities such as kayaking and swimming.

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