Suspension Design For An Off-Road Caravan

Suspension Design For An Off-Road Caravan

The suspension system of an off-road caravan is what cushions the ride, making it more comfortable for the passengers. 

It helps absorb road shock and prevents these forces from damaging the vehicle from this being directly transmitted to the caravan. 

A quality off-road caravan should come with a high-quality suspension design or system for the protection of the passengers as well as the vehicle itself. 

You may invest a huge amount of money in a caravan, and the right suspension design will give you the maximum return on investment for the money you invest in the vehicle. 

This article provides information on different suspension design systems for an off-road caravan.

  • Rigid axle suspension
  • Leaf spring tandem suspension
  • Semi-rigid axle suspension
  • Trailing arm suspension
  • Airbag suspension

Rigid Axle Suspension

Rigid axle suspension is one of the earliest suspension systems in the world. It was used during the early stages of the automobile industry. 

In fact, the grandfather of all suspension systems has stood the test of time. This type of suspension is still popular in some brands of off-road caravans. 

It is easy to manufacture and install. This system may have less comfort for the driver but it’s simple and cost-effective. 

They have lower maintenance needs and the maintenance cost is lower than the more advanced systems. 

The rigid axle suspension system is robust and has a large load capacity. 

Leaf Spring Tandem Suspension

This is the most common type of suspension system used on caravans. 

The system is cost-effective compared to most of the other suspension systems out there. 

Leaf springs do an excellent job of absorbing the blows from rough spots on the road. 

The leaf springs are usually located by bolts via the eyes of the main leaf at either end. 

In fact, the rear is attached to a pivoting shackle that’s attached to the chassis of the caravan. 

This suspension system has a long history of successful use in many types of heavy-duty vehicles. 

They do a pretty good job and a caravan fitted with this type of suspension system is regarded as being well equipped. 

Semi-Rigid Axle Suspension

The semi-rigid axle suspension system allows for some form of independence between the right and left wheels of the caravan. 

In fact, torsion suspensions used on today’s caravans are much different from the first torsion beam suspension systems used in automobiles. 

The latest systems don’t depend on the actual deflection of the metal axle. 

The system comes with an outer main axle that’s welded to the chassis of the caravan. 

There is an inner tube that’s connected to each of the wheel hubs. 

When the wheels move up and down over bumps on the road, the inner tube will rotate within the outer axle. 

This type of suspension is known as independent suspension because the inner tubes connected to the right and left wheels are not connected to each other. 

In fact, they move separately. 

Trailing Arm Suspension

The trailing arm suspension system has proved to be ideal for Australian ground conditions. 

It is known as “trailing” because the tyre of the caravan is mounted to the chassis of the caravan on a trailing mechanical link. 

When the vehicle moves on bumps, the arm will pivot above the hanger and move up and down. 

There is a spring between the arm and chassis, the impact is absorbed. 

Airbag Suspension

Airbag suspension is the latest system in off-road caravans. 

It is now replacing the metal coil spring systems because of the many advantages of the suspension system. 

There are variable height springs to allow the caravan to be lowered when travelling on the highway and raised when travelling offroad. 

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