Pros And Cons Of Going Camping

Pros And Cons Of Going Camping

For some people, camping is one of the most exciting and entertaining experiences of their lives.

And for others, it is a boring trip into the wilderness with only insects to keep them company.

At the end of the day, a person needs to actually go camping before they know if they’ll truly enjoy it.

However, they can at least get an idea of what to expect by going over a list of some of the pros and cons of camping. Those pros and cons include:

  • PRO: A relaxing vacation
  • CON: A fight against the weather
  • PRO: A chance to exercise
  • CON: Exercise may be mandatory

These pros and cons may be what determines whether a person enjoys camping.

If you enjoy experiencing unpredictable weather and the occasional critter, then you just might like camping. Here are those pros and cons in a little more detail.

PRO: A Relaxing Vacation

Few vacation experiences are as relaxing as camping can be.

It’s a chance to shut off your mobile phones, step away from the computer, and enjoy a night relaxing by an open fire.

You can listen to the sounds of nature and stare at the stars for hours on end. And it’s even more peaceful if there’s someone there to enjoy it with you.

Of course, just because a person is camping doesn’t mean they have to cut themselves off from the world entirely.

There’s no law that says a camper can’t have their mobile phone turned on.

And if they drive an RV, then they can still catch their favourite episode of Game Of Thrones when the time is right.

Some people like the idea of eliminating all technology when camping, but it’s not mandatory.

The key is finding just the right balance so that you can relax and enjoy nature without feeling like you’re making a huge sacrifice.

CON: A Fight Against Weather

Fighting against the weather is particularly troublesome for campers sleeping in a tent. It can also make building a fire very difficult.

Not only do they need to worry about the weather during the night, but the previous day’s weather is important also.

If all of the sticks and leaves are still wet, then a fire is not going to be an easy accomplishment.

Weather isn’t as significant of a problem for people who camp with an RV. They can simply get up and move into the RV if the weather is too bad.

They might also bring their own firewood so they don’t have to worry about igniting wet sticks.

PRO: A Chance To Exercise

Camping tends to include exercise of some sort. Most campsites are located close to hiking trails.

A person could easily burn a few hundred calories exploring the woods around them.

Collecting and carrying large piles of firewood is another way to break a sweat.

Simply put, there are a lot of exercise opportunities on almost every camping trip.

CON: Exercise May Be Mandatory

What if you don’t want to exercise? Then you may be out of luck.

You can avoid hiking trails, but there’s almost always going to be some physically demanding task.

Even putting a tent together can be exhausting. If you’re camping after a long day at work, then you might feel like you’re being punished.

The secret is to focus on the positive aspects. You’re getting to enjoy nature while burning a few extra calories.

Try It For Yourself

At the end of the day, you’ll have to try it for yourself before you can make a final decision.

By planning ahead you can avoid certain setbacks that may seem problematic.

For example, you can bring your own firewood and stay updated with the weather.

Also, if possible, try not to work out too much before visiting the campsite.

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