10 Best Campsites To Visit In Western Australia

10 Best Campsites To Visit In Western Australia

The WA region is on most peoples bucket list. But why do campers love Western Australia so much? Let’s take a look at the 10 best campsites so we can uncover some of the magic that draws people to WA.

Australia is the perfect destination for your summer holiday, with its vast outback and its promise of gorgeous lifetime memories.

Western Australia, in particular, is endowed with numerous attractive landforms, beautiful beaches, camping sites, and fun activities.

As such, Western Australia is home to many campsites, from which you can enjoy various sites and activities. Whether you want to rough it out camping or enjoy the luxury of a caravan, there is something for everyone.

A trip to just about any camping site in WA will be fulfilling and will create lasting memories. Following are the best 10 camping sites in the WA region that you can visit:

  • Thomas River Campsite
  • Conto Campground
  • Waychinicup National Park
  • Honeymoon Pool
  • Yeagarup campsite
  • Karijini National Park
  • Waroona Dam
  • Millstream Chichester National Park
  • Sandy Cape
  • Windjana Gorge

1. Thomas River Campsite

With two campgrounds to boast, this site lets you set your eyes upon some of the whitest sandy beaches in Australia.

Campers can choose to camp on the hilltop or by the river as the sites are accessible by 2WD and can hold large tents and caravans.

2. Conto Campground

Nestled in the woodlands near Conto Springs Beach, this campground comprises of about 116 campsites available to campers. Campers can hike the Cape to Cape walking track or relax by the Conto Springs Beach.

Other activities that campers can indulge include surfing, spot fishing, or you can just marvel at the beautiful scenery surrounding the campground.

3. Waychinicup National Park

Situated about 70 km northeast of Albany, Waychinicup is a unique and stunning place to relax and watch various animal species. The southern coast is particularly aggressive with huge waves hitting the rocks.

The campsites on this ground are relatively small, so you may have to find a decent space to park your 4WD before pitching on the site of choice.

4. Honeymoon Pool

This lovely little campground located along the Collie River is perfect for campers who love to swim. The ground is tranquil, scenic and secluded and campers can enjoy swimming sessions.

They can also opt for short hikes as the campground has plenty of trekking trails.

5. Yeagarup Campsite

Located in the Pemberton Area, the Yeagarup campground is graced by huge karri trees that follow the Warren River. Campers can only access this site by 4WD as the area is rugged.

You can choose to set up camp anywhere on the beach. Pitching behind a dune or along the river helps minimise the effects of the strong winds.

6. Karijini National Park

This park is the pride of Western Australia, with campgrounds such as the Dales Campground that let you enjoy the view of Fern Pool and Fortescue Falls.

The campground is also home to various hiking trails and also has amenities such as picnic tables, barbeques, and toilets.

7. Waroona Dam

The site is about an hour and a half south of Perth. Here, you can camp in the bush or stay at the caravan park near the dam. Campers can also enjoy skiing and freshwater fishing.

Toilets are just some of the amenities available in this site.

8. Millstream Chichester National Park

This park is a scenic oasis that sits in the middle of the desert. Swimming, hiking, bird, and reptile watching are activities in which you can enjoy.

Stargazers and Miliyanha Campgrounds in this site have tables, chairs, barbeque areas, and toilets for campers.

9. Sandy Cape

On this campground, campers can decide to camp in the bush or upgraded formal campsites. Boating, beach fishing, and 4WD tracking are all common activities on this ground.

Protected bays also provide stunning views for campers to enjoy.

10. Windjana Gorge

This is one of Kimberly’s most spectacular gorges, with the walls measuring up to 100 meters in height. The sites in this campground are unpowered but have caravan spots.

Bushwalking is common, and campers can see natural wildlife, including white cockatoos, water birds, freshwater crocodiles, and fruit bats.

Campers planning for a camping trip in Western Australia are spoilt for choice when it comes to their destination campsites.

With sites such as Honeymoon Pool, Windjana Gorge, and Conto Campground, campers can choose appropriate spots and indulge in activities such as swimming, fishing, surfing, birdwatching, skiing, and hiking.

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