Top 5 Free Camping Spots In WA

Top 5 Free Camping Spots In WA

After being cooped up at home for over two months because of COVID-19 restrictions, the government is finally starting to give us room to move. We are free to start roaming again!

Of course, this is to be done with much caution and precautions. What better way to celebrate and appreciate our new-found freedom than to enjoy a day or two camping amongst nature.

As of May 18, 2020, Western Australians are free to travel and move around within our state. No outsiders are allowed to enter. Outdoor gatherings like camping are allowed.

A maximum of 20 people is allowed to gather outdoors as long as social distancing is observed and personal protective equipment is used. From mid-June, more restrictions have been lifted.

This is good news for outdoor enthusiasts and for every Western Australians who have been dreaming of the great outdoors.

It’s time to go camping!

Therefore, we have come up with the top 5 free camping spots in WA that will help you appreciate your freedom and nature even more.

1). Cape Range National Park

Located near Exmouth on the western side of the North West Cape. Cape Range National Park has over 50 km of fine white sandy beaches, clear blue-green waters, and access to the famous Ningaloo Reef.

Ningaloo Reef is a Unesco World Heritage Park, a protected sanctuary and considered to be one of the most diverse reefs in the world.

Driving through the Cape Range National Park is an adventure in itself. You will see a lot of wildlife wandering around, especially Kangaroos. So drive safely!

2). Peak Charles National Park

Peak Charles is located north of Esperance. Camping grounds are set up on the foothold of the 700-metre high granite peak. Here you can relax and enjoy the mountain view.

It is a picturesque campsite with beautiful sunsets. Other things to enjoy at Peak Charles:

  • Climb the ancient stones
  • Go hiking on steep hiking trails
  • Discover salt lakes
  • Look for native shrubs that bloom during spring and summer.

3). Mambi Island

The Mambi Island Camping area is located by the Parry Creek Road, northwest of Kununurra. It is an ideal camping ground for fishing enthusiasts who want some peace and quiet.

It is a remote area where nature abounds. Access to the camping grounds is through a dirt road, so it can be challenging for some. If you have a 4×4 or a ute, you should be fine. Some important notes about the area:

  • Dog-friendly. Always have a leash handy. If there are other camp users nearby, your dog should be on its leash at all times.
  • No showers but non-potable water is available.
  • Campfires (solid fuel) are permitted but you are welcome to bring a gas or fuel stove.
  • Toilets are available.
  • As there is no potable water available, boil your water for at least 10 minutes before drinking, otherwise bring plenty of drinking water.

4). Disappointment Rock

You will not be disappointed here, that’s a promise! Located in the southeastern part of Glenden, you will find Lake Elphinstone which is a natural lake that is surrounded by stunning mountain views. Sunsets are breathtaking here.

It is also perfect for fishing and camping.


  • Showers and Toilets
  • Pet-friendly. Just make sure your dogs and other pets are on a leash especially if there are other campers near you.
  • There are designated fire pits and BBQ areas.

5). James Price Point

Located in the northern part of Broome, James Price Point camping grounds was once called the “Jurassic Park of Australia”. Fossilised footprints of a dinosaur and an ancient man were found here.

Here there are stunning beaches and it is also home to the largest nursery of humpback whales in the world.

Important notes:

  • Dog-friendly. Dogs must be on a leash all the time if there are other camp users.
  • No power. Bring flashlights, rechargeable lamps or solar-powered lights.
  • No toilets. This is a good area for RV camping where you have your own facilities.
  • They have solar-heated showers.
  • No potable water so bring plenty of drinking water.

Final Thoughts

WA has many beautiful places you can explore. Most of them are free while some only require minimal camping fees. The best things in life are free, indeed.

With the COVID-19 travel and camping restrictions being lifted, it is time to get out and discover Australia in your new caravan! Enjoy the beauty of nature without sacrificing convenience and luxury.

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