Tips For Staying Safe In Western Australia While Camping

Tips For Staying Safe In Western Australia While Camping

Camping is a very enjoyable activity. Whether you are doing it alone, with a group of friends or with your family, you need to remain safe when camping in Western Australia. 

Here are some useful tips for staying safe while camping in WA. 

1. Beware Of Any Risks Near Your Shelter Site 

Once you have arrived at the campground, you need to choose the right place to set your shelter. 

Whether you are going to set up a tent or shelter in your RV, make sure you know about any risks in that area. 

For instance, don’t camp directly under large gum trees. There are some trees that can drop large branches at any time. 

It would be devastating if your vehicle or tent was crushed by a large branch in the middle of the night. 

Also, you need to consider where the rainwater will go in the event that it rains. 

Therefore, make sure your shelter is not in creek beds or over ditches as well as any other areas where water is likely to pool. 

If you are going camping with your children, set up the tent or RV away from potential dangers such as creeks, rivers or steep drop-offs. 

Don’t forget to check for ant nests. 

2. Bring Enough Food And Water 

Don’t forget to bring a lot of water for your camping trip, especially for drinking, preparing food or washing up. 

Most camping grounds don’t have water especially if you have gone camping during dry conditions. 

If you are going camping in a park, you will not have access to water and if there is any rainwater, it’s not treated so it isn’t safe for drinking.

On the other hand, you need to bring enough food for the camping trip. 

If you are bringing food that needs to remain cold, make sure you have a good cooler and enough ice. 

Make sure you carry food with enough nutrients that can also be prepared very fast. 

If you have to fend for yourself, make sure you choose a camping site where you can go fishing or hunting effortlessly.

Food storage is also another thing to consider when you go camping. Remember, you want to avoid food poisoning because it will ruin the rest of your camping trip. 

Therefore, make sure you invest in air-tight containers to keep the bugs from getting into your food. 

Prepare the food properly as well to avoid getting any stomach issues. 

3. Keep Note Of The Weather 

Before you go camping, you need to do your research on the weather conditions in your campground. 

That way, you can pack the right clothes and choose the right shelter and site. Make sure you check the weather conditions during the day and at night. 

For instance, some areas might be too sunny during the day and quite frosty at night. Therefore, pack accordingly.

Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses, sunscreen and other protective clothes during your camping trip. 

Certainly, you don’t want to go home sunburnt. If you are camping with your children, make sure you pack warm clothes for the trip. 

Also, choose the right shoes for your camping trip, especially if you are planning on taking hikes during the trip.

4. Bring Your First-Aid Equipment 

If you choose to camp in a remote location, make sure you bring your first-aid equipment with you in case medical assistance is too far to reach in an emergency. 

If possible, you should go camping with someone with first-aid training. Even better, you can learn basic first-aid training to avoid any issues when you are camping. 

You will always be prepared in the event that something goes wrong during the trip.

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