Take a Road Trip – Perth to Wave Rock

Take a Road Trip – Perth to Wave Rock

Are you looking for a unique road trip to take in Western Australia? Wave Rock is the place for you! Read below as we take a look at this stunning rock formation in more detail.

The route from Perth to Wave Rock is a gorgeous, iconic one which is ideal for people who want to see some of the best sights that Australia has to offer.

If you’re looking for a road trip through varied terrain, and want to soak up the atmosphere of some of the coolest parts of Australian then taking a luxury caravan trip from Perth to Wave Rock is a perfect choice.

Take Your Time and Enjoy the Ride

The trip is one that could be made in a weekend (or even a day, it’s only a few hundred KM) if you wanted to rush, but why waste the opportunity? You can build in a few more stops and really enjoy the journey.

Start in Perth and follow the Great Eastern Highway to Hyden, then head on to Wave Rock. Or you can take the Brookton Highway for a slightly different view, going through Corrigin and Condinin.

The choice is yours, and either way, you’ll get to enjoy some great scenery.

Easy Driving and a Great Atmosphere

The best thing about these routes is that they offer easy driving while still giving you the views that Western Australia is best known for. You don’t need a 4×4 with bull bars, and you don’t need a course in advanced driving techniques.

You can just enjoy the ride and enjoy some unspoilt, natural scenery.

Armadale is a handy stopping off point early in the journey. The motoring museum is a fun place not just for petrol heads, but for anyone with an appreciation for history.

There are also some fun water sports (and boat races to watch) in the area too.

The best thing about this part of Australia is that it is not overly popular with the spring break and summer holiday crowd, so it tends to be quiet and litter-free.

There are plenty of small tourism-focused bush towns with museums, rest stops and stores, where you can chill out, meet the locals and refresh yourself on the way to the main hotspots. Take Brookton, for example.

They take pride in offering a good atmosphere, with clean public toilets and charming facilities that are run by cheerful employees. It’s as far from city life as you could possibly get.

You’ll find some great roadhouses that are “Diner’s Drive-ins and Dives” material and that will give you a welcome opportunity to take a break from cooking in your Caravan.

Wave Rock – A Stunning Landform

Wave Rock is one of Australia’s most stunning landforms. It is something that has to be seen in person to be believed. The formation rises up more than 15 meters above the ground and is over 100 meters long.

It is thought that it took 2,700 million years to form. Those are the kind of time periods that we can say, and think about, but not really, truly comprehend.

When you stand at the bottom of the rock formation, though, you will know that you really are somewhere truly special.

Wave Rock is a special place, and it’s a huge change of pace from the bush towns you’ll see along the way, as well as the cities. It’s a great photo opportunity, but don’t keep your phone out for too long.

Spend a moment or two soaking in the view with your eyes for real. Wave Rock is a child-friendly place to visit, and there’s ample parking for cars and for your RV too.

You’ll find all sorts of tourists there, and it’s a great stop off before you continue across the country, or loop back to sample the other joys of Western Australia.

If you are planning on going on a road trip with your family, then there is no better way to experience our great country than with your very own caravan.

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