Retreat Whitsunday

Sturdy and flexible, offroaders will let you tread the highways as well as unpaved roads without breaking down midways.


The Whitsunday is classy and unique – just like you! It has ranger roof hatch and full height padding. This caravan is built to last and will give you long-lasting memories of your journey. If you need a caravan that’s safe and reliable, then the Whitsunday is your #1 choice.


This caravan’s interior is stylish and sophisticated. We made sure that everything inside is handpicked and is top quality so you will be comfortable when you are on board. The Whitsunday has rolled post form bench-tops and has a full height head bump. You can make the most out of your trip with this caravan because it has all of the things you need like a microwave, mini grill, air conditioner and TV provisions like an external TV point, antenna and 24” TV arm.