Best Types Of Caravans For Long Term Camping

Best Types Of Caravans For Long Term Camping

With summer not far away now, travellers know it’s time to start getting their travelling gear ready. 

Campers who take their time to explore the diversities of our great country find it necessary to own an off-road caravan, especially if they are travelling with their family or friends. 

Owning an off-road caravan is a great option since it cuts on caravan hiring costs and heightens the exploration experience. 

With so many types of off-road caravans in the market, choosing one that can last or withstand the adversities of the outback may be challenging. 

It is therefore important to know the different types of off-road caravans available, so you can choose the one that matches your preference.

Are you looking for a caravan that is suitable for long term camping? Here are some you might choose from:

  • Conventional caravans
  • Pop-top caravans
  • Fifth-Wheeler caravans
  • Pop-out caravans
  • Tent trailers

1. Conventional Caravans 

Conventional caravans are basic caravans that are most available in the market. Most explorers like them for their simplicity and fair price. 

They are ‘full-bodied’ caravans with a full-height roof and solid walls. 

The height of these caravans can vary depending on the fabricator, with some being as long as 10 metres. 

The size of the caravan also determines the number of axles fitted on the caravan, with most of them coming with one or two axles. 

A conventional caravan holds several rooms that can be fitted with various equipment and furniture. 

This guarantees campers home-like comfort whenever they are out exploring. They are also perfect for any weather as the interior remains dry and cool. 

These caravans also have sufficient storage space, which is essential whenever campers have plenty of supplies to carry during a camping tour.

2. Pop-Top Caravans

These caravans are similar to the conventional caravans with ample storage space and other built-in amenities, including fittings and furniture. 

What differentiates pop-top caravans and conventional caravans is that the former has a roof that pops-up and pops-down that adjusts the headroom. 

For small caravans, the pop-up can give more headroom making the space more comfortable. 

The pop-up is used when camping and can always be shut while on the highway to minimise wind resistance. 

They are also useful when the caravan is in the garage as they can offer more storage space.

3. Fifth-Wheeler Caravans

These are probably the largest off-road caravans and can be used over a long duration. They offer plenty of living space. 

Some of these caravans have slide-out sections to create more space. 

These caravans, however, require larger vehicles for towing, with 4×4’s being the most suitable option. 

They are attached to the back of the vehicle just as a trailer is attached to the cabin. 

These caravans, however, limit their owners in that they cannot access all campsites, especially those that are overly rugged. 

Campgrounds that are located in moderately rugged can, therefore, be accessed by campers with such caravans. 

These caravans can accommodate the entire family as well as the supplies needed for the whole camping duration. 

4. Pop-Out Caravans

These caravans have similar features with pop-top caravans but have additional pop-out sections. 

Such space is used to place additional beds, making these caravans suitable for a family getaway. 

They are also common among campers who go camping in groups since they offer extra sleeping spots without compromising the room space.

5. Hybrid Caravans

These caravans are a mix of conventional caravans and pop-top caravans by design. They can be towed by 4WD and therefore perfect for off-roading. 

Whenever they are set up, the living space is well-protected from weather elements. 

The height of the caravan can also be adjusted by popping the top and can hold the required amenities that are necessary for long-term camping.

Long-term camping calls for caravans that have plenty of living room space as well as hold the relevant amenities. 

Conventional, pop-top, pop-out, fifth-wheeler and hybrid caravans and are common among explorers. 

They can withstand harsh conditions, making them suitable for long-term camping.

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