The Beauty And Dangers Of The Western Australian Outback

The Beauty And Dangers Of The Western Australian Outback

There are many rumours and stories about the Australian Outback. 

Some of these rumours can get more than a little colourful as they are shared through the generations. 

Certain things might be true, like how the Western Australian outback gets you to appreciate the brilliance of nature and the stories of gold discoveries.

Of course, there are some dangers involved, but this is why only prepared people should enjoy the breathtaking experience that can only be found in this great country of ours. 

In this quick guide, we will at the beauty of the WA outback and we will also provide some clarity about the real dangers associated with outback conditions. 

So, expect to learn more about why so many people love trekking through this particular region and the dangers they typically prepare for. 

The Beauty Of The Western Australian Outback 

For nature lovers, there are more than enough picturesque moments waiting. 

Here are some of the more common things that will make your trip more memorable: 

  • Culture And History

Indigenous art is a very popular tourist attraction when referring to the Western Australian Outback. 

It is a region so rich with culture and history, these reasons alone make it worth the trip. 

For instance, heritage trails allow for the chance to follow in the footsteps of important generations and pioneers of history. 

  • Fauna And Flora 

Avid explorers will no doubt appreciate the nature and wildlife elements the outback has to offer. 

These include the beautiful blanket of wild-flowers that cover the terrain after the winter rain, along with the national parks and reserves that help to preserve everything. 

And, of course, there will be wild animals and unique rock formations like Wave Rock to provide even more excitement. 

  • Coastal Scenery 

When travellers hit the coast, it will quickly become clear why Western Australia is known for its islands and beaches. 

Untainted by modern society, visiting areas like Lucky Bay is never a bad idea. 

It should also be noted that activities like snorkelling, diving, and fishing can be enjoyed here. 

  • The Outback Experience 

For those that want the full Western Australian outback experience, there are many farms and establishments that host tourists. 

And this means taking tourists through life inside such a gorgeous yet challenging terrain in relative safety. 

The Common Dangers 

Yes, there are some common dangers that can surface in the outback. 

However, as mentioned earlier, being prepared really helps to enjoy the experience, rather than fear it. 

Having said that, you really need t be aware of the following:

  •  Snakes And Spiders

A common predator in the outback is snakes, and several of them are poisonous. 

At the same time, it has to be said that very few individuals have died from a snake or spider bite while in Western Australia. 

This is why it is considered fairly safe for explorers as long as you do not provoke the snakes.   

Just remember, humans aren’t natural prey for snakes and spiders and in most cases, will only attack if provoked.

  • Crocodiles 

The word “crocodile” is enough to send fear down a camper’s spine, but the freshwater species in the outback are relatively calm in nature. 

Make no mistake; even though they are small, they are incredibly dangerous when taunted. 

However, all they really care about is catching a few fish and being left alone. 

However, if you plan to swim in a river, you need to be mindful of the local advice regarding personal safety.

  • The Desert And Sun 

While the animals shouldn’t present too much of a problem on the trip, they should never be underestimated. 

However, the sun and desert should be respected every step of the way. 

The reality is that temperatures can get extreme, especially for those from cooler countries or climates.

Make sure you take plenty of water and other provisions such as a first aid kit in case you do run into trouble.

The Trip Will Be Memorable 

Once the trip through the Western Australian Outback is through, there will be more than enough incredible memories to hold on to – until the next trip.

However, if you really want to make the experience a truly memorable one, one of the best ways to explore the WA outback is with your very own caravan.

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