7 Of The Best Campsites Outside Of Perth

7 Of The Best Campsites Outside Of Perth

Camping is the perfect activity to unwind from everyday reality and escape to nature, whether it be to the calming serenity of riverside campsites or to the charming coastal campsites. 

If you want to go camping but don’t know where to go, then worry not, because we got you covered! Here are 7 fantastic campsites outside of Perth. 

1). Lane Poole Reserve (Dwellingup, WA)

Lane Pool Reserve is located an hour and a half south of Perth and has around 10 campsites situated in the area. 

Some popular campgrounds include the Nanga Brook campground which has just been recently developed to accommodate caravans, camper trailers, campervans, and tents.

The Baden Powell campground is also a new campground that has camp kitchens, gas barbecues, cold water, and other amenities for picnics. 

Lane Pool Reserve is a picturesque place as the Murray River cuts through the area, which means there are plenty of opportunities to go fishing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and even mountain biking. 

Fires are permitted in areas of low fire danger which makes for the perfect opportunity to snuggle up by the warm fire when it gets cold at night.

2). Belvidere (Leschenault, WA)

If you are a fan of camping by the beach, then Belvidere is a great contender. Belvidere Beach is located around an hour and 40 minutes away from the Perth and the campsite is situated between Belvidere Beach and Leshenault Inlet. 

The campsite has a fee of $7.50 per person per night and caravans and camper trailers can be accommodated at the site. Firewood is also provided should you need it.

3). Yalgorup National Park (Preston Beach WA)

Yalgorup National Park is only an hour and 20 minutes drive from Perth near the ocean and is the perfect place for family. 

There are a lot of available amenities such as stainless steel benchtops for relaxing picnics. In addition to that, you can visit the nearby Preston Beach where you can go swimming or you go bird watching around the lake in the park.

There is also a walking trail at the national park where you can take the opportunity to explore local wildlife in their natural habitat.

4). Serpentine Falls (Serpentine, WA)

Serpentine Falls is only less than an hour away from Perth and is situated in the Darling Ranges which is home to numerous wildlife and national parks. 

At Serpentine Falls, you can go swimming at the fall or visit the local town of Jarrahdale where you encounter a variety of restaurants such as the Millbrook Winery which is recognised for its award-winning lunches. 

5). Wellington National Park (Worsley, WA)

There are two famous landmarks that you can visit at Wellington National Park—Honeymoon Pool and Potters Gorge Campgrounds. At Honeymoon Pool, you can expect to find beautiful sites and lots of photo-taking opportunities.

You can do a lot of activities such as go swimming or have a barbecue by the banks of the Collie River under the shade of abundant peppermint trees. 

Potters Gorge Campgrounds, on the other hand, is located along the banks of the Wellington Dam. You can go fishing (make sure to secure a permit first!) and calmly watch the waters pass by.

You can even do other water activities such as kayaking and canoeing.

6). Dryandra Woodland (Dryandra, WA)

Dryandra Woodland, a nature conservation area, is located around two hours away from Perth and offers you a unique woodland camping experience.

Located less than two hours away from Perth, there are two campgrounds in the Dryandra Woodland that you can find: Congelin and Gnaala Mia Campground.

Both campgrounds are pretty similar in nature, where you can take part in different walking trails and explore the native fauna and flora in the area.

You can find accommodation at the Lions Dryandra Village or you can simply set up your tents, caravans, or camper trailers at the campsite.

7). Perth Hills Discovery Center Campground (Mundaring, WA)

Perth Hills Discovery Center campground is located 40 kilometres east of Perth. It is a great beginner camping ground for novice campers as it does expose you to the bush experience but offers amenities like flushing toilets and hot showers. 

So, if you’re looking for a family camping experience, then this is the camping ground for you because of the availability of a camp kitchen, electric barbecues, bathrooms, and a fire ring.

There are even programs for children to help them explore nature. 

Final Thoughts

As we can see from the above, there are some absolute hidden gems that are only a short drive away from Perth, so are perfect locations for a weekend getaway for a night or two.

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