5 Spectacular Road Trips Through Western Australia

5 Spectacular Road Trips Through Western Australia

Are you planning to tour Western Australia with your family? Ever wondered what WA’s got to offer? The answer is plenty! Keep on reading to learn about some of the best places to visit in WA.

Western Australia is a destination so varied and unspoiled that one could spend several months seeing what WA’s got to offer.

Hitting the open roads with your caravan in WA takes on a new meaning with all the spectacular things this destination has to offer.

If you are looking to focus on a particular area for your caravan trip, this article provides information on 5 spectacular road trips through Western Australia.

  • The Southwest
  • Coral Coast
  • Wildflower Way
  • Warlu Way
  • Eyre Highway

The Southwest

Western Australia’s Southwest is renowned for its food and drink. Gourmets should take note of this fact when they plan to tour Western Australia by road. There are more than 100 vineyards in the region.

The wineries of Margaret River are quite popular with thousands of tourists visiting the region. There are also surf beaches and gumtree forests for you to enjoy along the way. The Southwest is just a three-hour drive from Perth.

There are breathtaking views as you tour south-east across rolling countryside. The region is surrounded by magnificent sky-high woodlands.

The historical Albany – one of the best whale-watching sites in the country – is located along this stretch. You should visit the site between June and October to see the whales for yourself.

All in all, the Southwest is one of the best destinations to plan your road trip through Western Australia.

Coral Coast

The Coral Coast is another spectacular destination to tour in Western Australia. It’s located north of Perth and is considered a prime road trip territory in Australia.

The fishing town of Cervantes is one of the first places to visit when travelling along this road – which is located close to Nambung National Park. The park has thousands of limestone spires called “The Pinnacles.”

You have the option of walking among them with your family when you tour the area.

Then you have the kitesurfing hotspot in Geraldton which is located further north. You will also find the seafood-rich Carnarvon, the cliffs and gorges of Kalbarri National Park, and UNESCO-listed natural marvel – Shark Bay along this stretch.

Wildflower Way

This part of Western Australia blooms with wildflowers between August and November each year. This area becomes carpeted in a heart-soaring display of wildflowers during this season.

There are more than 3,000 species of wildflowers on display during this specific period. This 600km drive will lead you through some of the most spectacular parts of nature.

The Dalwallinu Discovery Centre will give you updates on specific local wildflower locations.

Warlu Way

Warlu Way leads you through the super-sized marine life of Ningaloo Reef. The region is named after the indigenous legend of a warlu or sea serpent.

The Warlu is supposed to have slipped out of the ocean and carves out waterways as it travels. The spectacular Karijini National Park is located along this stretch. The Burrup Peninsula is also home to indigenous rock art.

This is another spectacular road trip that you should undertake with your family when you plan to tour Western Australia.

Eyre Highway

If you are looking for a long-distance trip to Western Australia, you should not miss this region. It stretches east for almost 1,700 kilometres and finishes over the state lines in Port Augusta.

You can expect to see plenty of roadside kangaroos while travelling in this region. If you prefer playing golf, there is also a golf course – Nullarbor Links – with 18 holes.

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