5 Free Camping Sites In Western Australia

5 Free Camping Sites In Western Australia

Are you a fan of camping in the great outdoors? If you have a chance to do this in Western Australia, there are some amazing places you can visit. Let’s take a look at the top 5 camping places below.

Campers who wish to explore Australia often choose that state of Western Australia for its variety of camping sites that allow you to really get in touch with our beautiful country.

Western Australia is home to many camping sites, most of which are free to the public. Furthermore, these sites can accommodate caravans, which makes camping that much easier.

Some of these camping sites are located along river banks and lakeshores so campers are guaranteed an enjoyable and memorable camping session.

Most of these camping sites also have the essentials of a camping site, which make it easier for campers to settle down and have a good time.

Are you searching for some free camping sites in Western Australia for your upcoming camping trip? Here are some sites that can suit you and your family or friends:

  • James Price Point
  • Lake Poorrarecup
  • Disappointment Rock
  • Bettys Beach
  • Torbay Inlet

1. James Price Point

The James Price Point camping site is approximately 52 km north of Broome. This fantastic camping site was once labelled “Australia’s Jurassic Park” following the discovery of a dinosaur print by scientists.

On this camping site, campers also get to experience the largest nursery for humpback whales and can relax on the sandy beaches.

This camping site can be accessed using a gravel road from the town of Waterbank. However, access to this park may be limited to larger vehicles. Campers are also encouraged to carry portable toilets as the site lacks this provision.

From the park, campers have access to solar heated showers for a refreshing shower. Furthermore, dogs are allowed, so owners can bring them along for their camping trip.

2. Lake Poorrarecup

This is located on the northern side of Lake Poorrarecup in Western Australia. This free camping site is renowned to locals and visitors for its range of water activities on the mass of freshwater.

Campers can engage in skiing, canoeing, sailing, and boating. The site is also shady and therefore offers plenty of picnic spots from which visitors can enjoy a picnic.

Those who don’t favour water activities can also engage in a nature walk through the bushland. This means you get to enjoy the various bird and plant species in the area.

Campers have access to cleaning bathing and drinking water and are also provided with toilets and fireplaces.

3. Disappointment Rock

Don’t let the name fool you – the disappointment rock camping site is surrounded by awesome landscape.

It is suitable for the adventurous people, who can take on the trails as they enjoy the view of indigenous plants and animals such as Pygmy possums and Dingoes.

Though the site is not as shady, there are still plenty of picnic areas to rest. The camping site is pet-friendly, and visitors can, therefore, bring their pets during the trip.

The site, however, lacks showers from which campers can bath. There are designated fireplaces where visitors can light up bonfires and see the night through.

4. Bettys Beach

This camping site is located between Normans Beach and the Two Peoples Bay. It is a quiet and secluded site that is suitable for swimming and fishing.

On the way to the site, campers can stop by Albany town centre to see the old colonial buildings and other historic sites.

5. Torbay Inlet

This is a small, peaceful camping site along the coastal area that offers campers plenty of activities such as fishing, surfing, or swimming.

There’s an extensive cover of coastal shrub in the camping site that provides shade to set up tents, campers, and caravans.

Western Australia is home to many free camping sites that can be accessed by campers and caravans. Most of these have showers, fireplaces, and water for visitors to have an easy time when camping.

Some of the activities that campers can engage in include fishing, hiking, swimming, canoeing, and skiing and allow you to enjoy the best of what this country has to offer.

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