• 4-6 Pickard Avenue, Rockingham WA
  • Dealer Licence - MD23777 / Repairers Licence - MRB7245


Urban Caravans set themselves apart from the other alloy frames that are currently on the market because of the Tungsten Inert Gas welding system. These frames are specifically made to be incredibly resilient.

While it’s not unusual for caravanners to see cracked weld joints, that isn’t an issue with these caravans. The rivets used in many caravans with an alloy frame can fail when the caravan is placed under stress.

However, Urban Caravans were designed to be sturdier than that. They’re cutting-edge caravans that stand out in a number of ways, which is why they’re such a smart investment for caravan enthusiasts.

Urban Tungsten Tuff

Urban Tungsten XTerrain

Urban Tungsten Xtreme


Sturdy and flexible, semi-offroaders will let you tread the highways as well as unpaved roads without breaking down midways.