Embark on an expansive and cozy journey with Network RV’s 24ft Bunk, perfect for exploring with friends or a family of six. The standout feature is undoubtedly the two spacious double bunk beds, offering comfort for kids and adults alike on your Australian adventures. When travelling with a group, selecting the right caravan is crucial. Network RV’s 24ft Bunk, with its comfortable features and spacious interior, allows you to fully embrace outdoor activities. Enjoy the freedom to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones, whether you’re dining, relaxing, or entertaining with the Australian landscapes as your backdrop.


When you’re travelling with a group of six in a caravan, selecting the right one becomes crucial, and the awning system plays a pivotal role. Network RV’s 24ft Bunk features a 19ft charcoal black awning with a centre cradle. This generously sized awning creates a spacious outdoor haven, perfect for dining, relaxation, or entertaining. No need to confine yourselves within the van’s interior; the awning offers a comfortable and spacious outdoor extension, allowing all of you to enjoy the great outdoors together. Designed with stability and even support in mind, this awning is crafted for durability and weather resistance, ensuring long-lasting style and functionality. It serves as a protective shield against the elements, allowing you and your companions to fully enjoy outdoor experiences, even when the caravan’s interior is fully occupied. Enhancing the overall functionality of the caravan, the awning provides a versatile space for various activities, making it an invaluable addition to your group travel experience.


Embark on an expansive and versatile journey with Network RV’s 24ft Bunk. This masterfully designed marvel extends a warm welcome, whether you’re exploring with a group of friends or an adventurous family of six. The true standout feature is undoubtedly the two spacious double bunk beds, thoughtfully crafted to provide comfort for kids and adults alike. These bunks take centre stage, offering an ideal space for whoever joins you on your Australian adventures. Every aspect of this caravan perfectly complements its generous size and ample sleeping quarters, ensuring that your family or friends enjoy every moment of the journey. Experience unparalleled comfort and camaraderie as you travel the stunning landscapes of Australia together.



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