Embark on an unforgettable family caravan adventure with Network RV’s 21ft Bunk model. This stylish and comfortable caravan strikes the perfect balance, offering ample space for your family’s comfort while encouraging exploration of Australia’s breathtaking landscapes during your stopovers. The interior design includes a welcoming queen-sized main bed for cozy moments and spacious bunk beds that accommodate both little ones and older children. It’s thoughtfully crafted to make your journey feel just as relaxing as being at home. Rest assured, this caravan is equipped to handle your power needs with ease, ensuring you won’t have to worry about interruptions during your travels. It’s the ideal choice for creating lasting family memories on the road.


When you’re on a family adventure in a caravan, the last thing you want to deal with is the inconvenience of a power outage. But fret not, because much like our other models, the 21ft Bunk is equipped with two 200W solar panels. These panels guarantee an uninterrupted power supply, even if you’ve loaded the van to its maximum capacity, accommodating all your gadgets in addition to those already on board. Additionally, the van comes equipped with a BMS Projecta 25A 7-Stage Battery Charger, ensuring your power needs are well taken care of without worrying about overcharging or damaging your caravan batteries.


If you’re a family of four in search of a cozy yet stylish caravan for your Australian adventures, look no further! Network RV’s 21ft Bunk offers ample space to ensure your family’s comfort, yet it strikes the perfect balance, encouraging you to venture out and explore the stunning landscapes during your stopovers.

The queen-sized main bed is ideal for snuggles between parents and late-night bonding moments with the kids. The bunk beds remain a welcoming haven for the little ones at bedtime and are spacious enough even for older children. With this thoughtfully designed layout and inviting interior, you’ll find that the journey to your destination feels just as relaxing as being at home.



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