Experience a harmonious blend of style and functionality in this caravan’s interior, featuring an elegant theme with white walls, complemented by a sophisticated black leather sofa and headboard. Grey cabinets, tables, and countertops add a modern touch to the aesthetic. Upon entry, the angled ensuite takes centre stage, optimizing space for easy movement without compromising on convenience. A floor-to-ceiling cupboard divides the sofa and the ensuite, providing ample storage accessible from any point in the van. This caravan offers both style and practicality for your on-the-road experiences.


Embark on your next off-road expedition with confidence, knowing that Network RV’s 19.6ft Angled Ensuite Bunk is meticulously crafted for exceptional durability and performance. Aside from the space and personality, we also care about your safety first and foremost.

The robust one-piece fibreglass roof panel is a testament to its sturdy construction, offering unmatched resilience and water resistance. Trust in the reliability of your caravan as you embrace the excitement of adventure, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the journey ahead. With this van, your travels become a seamless one, where you can revel in the assurance that your mobile sanctuary is as resilient as your unwavering spirit of adventure.


The cleverly angled ensuite in the 21.6ft Angled Ensuite Bunk caravan not only enhances spaciousness but also contributes to its overall compact yet roomy ambience. Achieving such a balance can be challenging, especially with the inclusion of double bunks, but this van accomplishes it effortlessly by harmonizing the colour scheme and incorporating creative angles.

The thoughtful backsplash adds intricate detailing, injecting character into the van while adhering to the cohesive colour palette. This design approach empowers individuals with diverse personalities to express themselves, even within the confines of a vehicle, ensuring a comfortable and personalized experience for all.



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