No more hoping, here’s to finally doing it! Hop on an open-road adventure with your family in tow! Network RV’s 18ft Bunk is a budget-friendly option that covers all your needs. Choose between 2 or 3 bunks to tailor the caravan to your family size. Rest easy knowing that all our caravans are fully off-road, ready to conquer the diverse landscapes of an Australian adventure. Create stories that will be shared for generations during holiday dinners with a caravan that’s as reliable as it is accommodating.


Embark on your next off-road caravan escapade with confidence, courtesy of Network RV! Take on a unique journey with the purpose-built 18ft Bunk, crafted for adventurous families. Immerse yourself in the outdoor magic of the Aussie landscapes, reassured by the solid and durable roof engineered for peak performance. The one-piece fibreglass roof panel exemplifies the caravan’s robust construction, providing unparalleled durability and water resistance. With this van, you’re not just going on another road trip; you’re building a core memory for yourself and your family. That is, with a mobile haven as resilient as your adventurous spirit, ensuring a secure and memorable experience for yourself and your family.


Simplify your ideal family getaway with the fantastic Network RV’s 18ft Bunk! It doesn’t have to be complicated as long as you choose the caravan that has everything you’ll need and more. Look no further – it’s this one! Cruise to your destination in style and comfort, featuring a private queen-sized bed up front and two or three bunks for the little ones. This compact yet luxurious caravan offers a spacious lounge for the whole family, a fully equipped kitchen, and an ensuite to wash away the day’s adventures. This caravan takes all the usual luxuries of a home and fits them into an ideally compact arrangement that will make you feel like it’s just like home but on wheels. Experience the epitome of relaxation and enjoyment without lifting a finger!