Here’s another model that prioritizes bedroom privacy while adding a unique twist. The rear club seating area offers ample space for additional guests to join you and relax. Just because a caravan is designed for solo travellers or couples doesn’t mean the space should be limited strictly to its maximum capacity. The 21.6ft Rear Club is a prime example of a caravan with a designated maximum occupancy, yet it goes the extra mile by providing generous legroom. This ensures you have plenty of space for unexpected fun and memorable moments that you and your travel companion may encounter on your journey.


Set out on your off-road escapades with absolute confidence, courtesy of Network RV’s 21.6ft Rear Club—a caravan tailor-made for adventurous duos who relish socializing with fellow travellers. Beyond its spacious and light wood & black interior, your safety is our top priority. The caravan’s solid, one-piece fibreglass roof panel underscores its robust construction, ensuring unmatched durability and imperviousness to the elements. With this van, you can trust in its unwavering reliability and focus on fully immersing yourself in the journey ahead. As you embark on your travels, rest assured that your mobile haven is as resilient as your unquenchable spirit of adventure, creating the perfect platform for you and your partner to connect with like-minded caravan enthusiasts along the way.


What immediately captures your attention in this van is the rear club seating, offering not only extra lounging room but also an invitation to entertain. If you’re the kind of traveller who enjoys company and doesn’t mind socializing at caravan parks over a couple of drinks, this is the perfect companion for your adventures. Sharing the journey with a friend and swapping stories with fellow caravan enthusiasts along the way adds a delightful layer of fun and camaraderie to your travels. It’s an experience that truly enriches the journey itself.



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