Network RV’s 19.6ft Rear Door Flip redefines the art of luxury living, featuring a lavish queen-sized bed, generous kitchen space, and a complete ensuite for unparalleled comfort and relaxation. It provides everything you require for top-tier travel accommodations, all within arm’s reach, and built to withstand even Australia’s most challenging conditions. This rugged journey, equipped with modern amenities, sets the stage for creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. This is the type of experience that frequently finds its way into your fond memories, prompting you to either relive it independently or share it with cherished companions. It’s undeniably one of the finest ways not only to explore Australia but also to rediscover the same places with a fresh perspective.


If you’re looking for an expedition centred around carefree relaxation, that’s exactly what you’ll get in our Network RV’s 19.6ft Rear Door Flip. You can leave any worries behind because our steadfast dedication to excellence prioritizes your safety and comfort above all else.

Imagine pausing at a picturesque spot and letting our two sleek black NCE round external speakers serenade you and your beloved with your favourite melodies, heightening the experience of witnessing a mesmerizing sunset together. Our meticulous attention to every detail ensures that these are the kinds of things that come seamlessly throughout your trip.

Caravanning isn’t just about moving from one location to another; it’s about savouring the journey itself, amplified by the convenience and comfort offered by our 19.6ft Rear Door Flip.


Embark on your journey with style and confidence aboard Network RV’s 19.6ft Rear Door Flip! Sink into the luxurious comfort of our Pillow Top mattress, surrounded by spacious wardrobes and versatile bench storage, ensuring you enjoy restful repose between your adventures.

If you’re one to explore the diverse delicacies of your travel destinations, you earn extra points, alongside relying on your stocked provisions. But rest assured in knowing you’ll have no problem cooking up a storm in our well-equipped kitchen that comes with premium appliances and all the storage you’ll need.

Designed for both solo adventurers and companions, the interior theme, featuring white walls, cream leather accents, and sleek black appliances and fixtures, seamlessly blends efficiency with a cozy ambience, all while enjoying incomparable scenery on the road. Elevate your adventure by immersing yourself in the unique experiences each location has to offer, transforming every journey into an unforgettable exploration.