Embrace the epitome of adventure laced with luxury in Network RV’s 19.6ft Centre Door! Crafted for adventurous duos with grand aspirations, this full-sized caravan features a lavish queen bed, stylish leather accents, and a spacious layout exuding elegance. Indulge in the full ensuite, where style and adventure converge for a pampered experience. Boasting contemporary amenities, ambient lighting, and a gourmet-ready kitchen, it transforms into a mobile haven. It’s not just a caravan; it’s a home on wheels, ready to accompany you on your stylish journey. Your adventure in luxury awaits—step into the allure of the 19.6ft Centre Door!


Going on a caravan retreat with your loved one? Bid farewell to van-related hassles and embrace worry-free journeys with Network RV’s 19.6ft Centre Door. Our commitment to excellence ensures your safety and comfort take centre stage. Navigate with ease using our RV concepts reverse camera kit, guaranteeing a smooth adventure, whether solo or accompanied. Relish uninterrupted vistas and starlit nights, confident in the reliability of our technology. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every essential aspect is seamlessly taken care of. No glitches, only effortless memories awaiting you on the open road.
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Embark on an Australian adventure in style and confidence with Network RV’s 19.6ft Centre Door! Enjoy a restful night’s sleep on our plush Pillow Top mattress surrounded by wardrobes and convenient bench storage. Satisfy your culinary desires in our top-notch kitchen equipped with premium appliances. Power up your journey with two 200W solar panels, ensuring efficient energy management even in remote locations. Say goodbye to interruptions during those special moments. Whether solo or with a companion, the interior is impeccably designed for efficiency, offering a homey feel with unparalleled views. Travel with ease and luxury – your perfect getaway awaits!