Time to head outdoors and enjoy what the rest of Australia has to offer whether alone or with a special someone. Prepare to conquer the wild in unprecedented comfort with the Network RV 17.6ft Rear Door caravan. Embracing the grandeur of luxury in a compact form, this 17.6ft off-road treasure comes equipped with a full ensuite bathroom, an inviting L-shaped seating area, and a spacious queen bed, all ingeniously fitted within its sleek confines. Venture into the unknown with confidence, knowing you’re wrapped in safety, style, and snugness. This is where adventure meets elegance, redefining off-road escapades with every mile.


For your next off-road caravan adventure, you can’t go wrong with Network RV! Set out on a journey like no other with Network RV’s 17.6ft Rear Door, tailor-made for duos yearning for adventure. Experience the magic of the outdoors under the glow of our dual-colour annexe lights that are not just functional but also an aesthetic statement. Sustainability meets exploration with two efficient 200w solar panels, ensuring your voyage remains seamless and free from any power interruptions.

With Network RV, it’s not just about travelling—it’s about adding elegance and flair to every mile you conquer together. Every detour and destination becomes an exquisite memory waiting to be made.


Ready to exchange sofa snuggles for twilight tales by the fire? Set your sights on the outback with the Network RV’s 17.6ft Rear Door caravan. We’ve journeyed far and wide, and take it from us: sinking into a plush pillow-top mattress is the ultimate reward after cruising the scenic routes of Australia. And that ensuite? Adorned with cool-grey cabinets, it’s your private nook to rejuvenate. When appetite calls, the stove-oven, complemented by a fridge and microwave, awaits your culinary touch, whether a quick bite or a lavish meal. Adventure is out there, but the comfort of this cozy, well-appointed van awaits to cradle you in its embrace after each day’s escapade. Every inch of this romantic haven on wheels is designed with love—and adventures—in mind.



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