Experience the upgraded version of comfort with Network RV’s 23ft Rear Club—a step up from the previous model. This spacious caravan is designed to offer even more bedroom privacy within its expanded layout. The rear club seating area provides ample room for additional guests to join you and unwind. With the 23ft Rear Club, you enjoy the perfect blend of privacy and space, along with the convenience of extra cupboards for storage. This model exemplifies a caravan with a designated maximum occupancy, yet it stands out by providing generous legroom. This ensures you have plenty of space for spontaneous fun and unforgettable moments with your travel companion, elevating your journey to new heights.


Set out on your off-road escapades with absolute confidence, courtesy of Network RV’s 21.6ft Rear Club—a caravan tailor-made for adventurous duos who relish socializing with fellow travellers. Beyond its spacious and light wood & black interior, your safety is our top priority. The caravan’s solid, one-piece fibreglass roof panel underscores its robust construction, ensuring unmatched durability and imperviousness to the elements. With this van, you can trust in its unwavering reliability and focus on fully immersing yourself in the journey ahead. As you embark on your travels, rest assured that your mobile haven is as resilient as your unquenchable spirit of adventure, creating the perfect platform for you and your partner to connect with like-minded caravan enthusiasts along the way.


Experience the expansive space of the 23ft Rear Club, where you can retreat to the bedroom area with the door securely closed, all without a hint of claustrophobia. The queen-sized pillowtop bed enhances the overall feeling of luxury and coziness, akin to a plush hotel room. Imagine sinking into its inviting embrace after a day of exploring Australia’s breathtaking landscapes. From daytime adventures to evening relaxation, this caravan offers the perfect blend of excitement and comfort. It’s the ideal way to savour the joy of caravanning, providing you with both the thrill of the open road and the warmth of snug nights, ensuring your journey is nothing short of perfection.



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