Experience the ultimate journey with Network RV’s 22ft Rear Door, crafted for solo or duo adventurers seeking exceptional comfort and space. Abundant storage in cupboards and wardrobes ensures an organized interior. Lounge in comfort in the club-style seating, ideal for relaxation and creating lasting memories. At night, a luxurious queen-sized bed awaits, promising restful sleep. But it’s not just about space; it’s about the freedom to explore. Equipped with a robust solar system, you can enjoy off-grid living while reducing your carbon footprint. Whether travelling solo or with a companion, this caravan offers an elevated experience—a spacious haven for unforgettable adventures.


Discover unparalleled freedom in Network RV’s 22ft Rear Door, your gateway to solo or duo adventures. Powered by innovation, this caravan boasts a robust solar solution featuring two 200W panels, ensuring energy independence wherever your journey takes you. Bask in the ease of off-grid living, as these solar panels charge your batteries, providing a continuous supply for lights and appliances. Embrace eco-friendly travel with a reduced carbon footprint while relishing the quiet operation of solar energy. Elevate your travel experience with the 22ft Rear Door Caravan, where sustainable power meets the freedom to explore, leaving conventional limitations behind.
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Experience the epitome of spaciousness with Network RV’s 22ft Rear Door, meticulously designed for solo or duo travellers seeking ultimate comfort and convenience. Inside, you’ll discover an abundance of cupboard and wardrobe storage, ensuring that all your belongings have their designated place. The club-style seating provides a cozy and versatile lounge area, perfect for relaxation and socializing. And when it’s time to rest, a luxurious queen-sized bed awaits, ensuring restful nights on the road. With the 22ft Rear Door, it’s all about space, space, space! This caravan offers ample room to move around, making it ideal for those who appreciate a roomy and well-organized interior. Whether you’re embarking on a solo adventure or a journey with a companion, this caravan provides the space you need to create a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.