Nova Caravans

This modern range of caravan delivers a unique blend of affordability and style without compromising luxury


The Metrolink is fitted with our excluseive Nova Pro-AI Construction Walls which offer a strong and lightweight structure with exceptional insulation properties to protect you from the elements, keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The amazing external features such as a reverse camera, solar, external lights and picnic table will have you travelling Australian roads in confidence and style.


The Metrolink is fitted with the modern contemporary interiors that Nova Caravans are known for. Featuring luxurious home-style furnishings and modern appliances throughout – including reverse cycle air conditioner, CNC furniture, a stereo system with Bluetooth, a roof-mounted air conditioner and 184L Fridge plus many other exceptional features. Feel at home in the luxury that a Nova caravan gives you whilst travelling Australia’s many destinations.


Metrolink VIDEO