• 4-6 Pickard Avenue, Rockingham WA
  • Dealer Licence - MD23777 / Repairers Licence - MRB7245


Who would have thought that it’s possible to have great adventures while being inside a caravan that feels like home? With the Hamilton, every Retreater is given the chance to enjoy a five-star atmosphere no matter where they’re headed to.

Packed with exciting new features like a crime-safe rounded entry door, outside shower, designer black bathroom fittings and dual solar panels, the Hamilton is exactly what your dream caravan looks like.

This luxury touring caravan will not fall short of your expectations – because we made sure it’s fit for Kings and Queens of the road.


The best has come. Hamilton’s great reputation is very evident in how it has been designed. This caravan features reverse camera and monitor, TV entertainment hatch and shower lockers. The Hamilton is elegantly put-together using only the best materials available – smooth sides, modern double glazed windows, tub lined tunnel boot, side and rear checker plates – needless to say, the caravan is the dream destination.


You asked for luxury at its finest and comfort at its best, so that’s what we’ve prepared for you. Aesthetically speaking, there’s no doubt the Hamilton is the king of the pack, but what it is on the outside is only a small part of the big surprise. This modern luxury caravan boasts features that are known to be of the highest quality: perspex splashback, rolled laminated doors, air conditioner, series 3 upholstery, designer black bathroom fittings and a whole lot more – all for your royal pleasure!


The Retreat Caravans team has considered different lifestyles and preferences. With 18 floor plans to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your caravanning needs and wants. Some floor plans even come with single beds and give you the option to customise the seating arrangements. Whether you prefer to head out all by yourself or with your favourite adventure buddy, the Hamilton surely has everything in store for you with the size of your choice and the destination of your fantasies.


When we speak of adventures, you won’t be left behind with the Hamilton. Built on a 6” A-Frame chassis, this luxury caravan can tick off your destination list without breaking a sweat! The Hamilton is fully supported by robust parts and brands like Alko touring 3.5T suspension, 15×235 wheels, 2” raiser and fitted sway control. Towing this perfectly equipped luxury caravan will just be a “drive in the park”.