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strong off road caravans

How Strong Are Off-Road Caravans?

Off-road caravans grant you the opportunity to go anywhere you would like to go at your own convenience. You can visit the remotest of areas and still feel like you are at home. Off-road caravans enable you to carry much more on your road trips and vacations than you normally would normally.You can easily travel this great country of ours and live off-the-grid for months on end without any challenges. It's widely believed that off-road caravans are made for avid travellers who are not afraid to venture into unexplored territory and stay there for extended periods of time. Read More

Things To See And Do In Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a region in Western Australia that is famous for tourism, with plenty of tours and sites to see. The Coral Bay region is 1200km north of Perth and faces west to the Indian Ocean. Tourists visiting get the perfect opportunity to meet wildlife in its natural habitat. The region is suitable for family getaways with plenty of activities to do and sites to see. Curious to know the sites to see or activities to do in Coral Bay? Well, here are some of them:
  • Ningaloo Coral Reef 
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margaret river campgrounds

5 Best Campgrounds in Margaret River

The Margaret River region is well-known for its winemaking. Campers also love the region for its calm and secluded camping sites, which are much more enjoyable than other busy and over-crowded camping sites. Some campsites in Margaret River are located in the Karri forest and Jarrah areas and along the river banks as well. Most of the camping sites in this region are off the known paths but are still well-placed for campers to explore the best attractions in the region. Campers can also access the various basic facilities such as eco-toilets and gas barbeques. Read More
buying an offroad

The Pros And Cons Of Buying An Off-Road Caravan

If you are an avid camper, having a reliable vehicle is absolutely essential. An off-road caravan is an ideal choice for those who love going on adventures in this great country of ours. As with all things, there is a good and bad side associated with this type of purchase. 


Smoother RideTravelling across terrain that is filled with obstacles can be really uncomfortable, especially if you are someone who is prone to carsickness. Instead of roughing it up and having an unenjoyable trip, you will experience a much smoother ride the next time you venture out.  ...
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The Beauty And Dangers Of The Western Australian Outback

The Beauty And Dangers Of The Western Australian Outback

There are many rumours and stories about the Australian Outback. Some of these rumours can get more than a little colourful as they are shared through the generations. Certain things might be true, like how the Western Australian outback gets you to appreciate the brilliance of nature and the stories of gold discoveries.Of course, there are some dangers involved, but this is why only prepared people should enjoy the breathtaking experience that can only be found in this great country of ours. In this quick guide, we will at the beauty of the WA outback and we will also provide some clarity about ...
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